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== Pnrr: Luz, interest of the mafias but there is a capacity to react

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Ukraine: inside the former Russian headquarters in Kutuzovka, in the Kharkiv region (ANSA)

(ANSA) – MILAN, APRIL 30 – “That there are interests seems undoubted to me. But I am optimistic, we have the most advanced regulatory framework in Western countries and prepared investigative forces.

They have the ability to react, after all we have paid on our skin in the past. “This was stated by Teo Luz, commander general of the Carabinieri, in an interview with ‘Corriere della Sera’, talking about the appetites of the mafias on the funds of the Pnrr.

“There are investigations underway. It is inevitable”, he continues adding that the phenomenon of organized crime “has not fallen our attention nor that of the magistrates. Certainly, public opinion has been focused on Covid and now on Ukraine”. In the fight against the mafia, “the judicial aspect is essential because it cuts the malaplant. But the roots are social. The cultural aspect is important. In Sicily or Calabria thirty years ago the word mafia could not be said. Now the boys they talk a lot. And the state must respond efficiently “.

According to the commander, Italian cities do not risk problems of public order in the autumn due to the energy crisis and the economic repercussions of the conflict. “The public order in Italy has held. We have not had phenomena such as the yellow vests, except for sporadic episodes. But we have not had large numbers. The system has held up – he explains – today the situation of criminal analysis is better than twenty , thirty years ago. The murders throughout Italy are almost half of those in the city of New York alone “.

Finally, on the Stefano Cucchi story, Luz underlines that “it is not a serious matter, it is much more. It must not happen.

We have learned from mistakes. But we have our own identity, the institution keeps – he concludes – there is a loss of values. In society, children have no references. The weapon has values ​​that it instills in its young people. We have been introducing military ethics in our schools for 4 years. We are in the hearts of the Italians. Unlike politics, which has long since lost its luster ». (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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