Ukraine, 10 years of second war escape

Afghanistan, Amnesty:

At just ten years old, it is already the second time he has fled the war. It is the story of a Ukrainian child who arrived in Norcia, in the province of Perugia at the beginning of March, together with his mother, his eighty-year-old great-grandmother and a little dog. For a couple of weeks they have been living in one of the Sae houses of the evacuees of the earthquake, which remained free after the previous occupants returned to their home once again usable. The child, dark hair and sly eyes, knows what an earthquake is.
“The houses I saw collapsed here – he tells ANSA – resemble those destroyed by bombing”. The mother nods and with tears in her eyes tells about their ordeal which has been going on for eight years now. “In 2014, when the war actually began – she explains -, we lived, together with my husband, in Donetsk and we were forced to flee. He was very young. We moved to Kramators’k from where we had to escape again. It is hard to flee, to leave parents, husband and all loved ones. I want the war to end immediately so that I can return to my country “. The grandmother is sitting in an armchair in a corner of the Sae, she listens and doesn’t say a word except to say that she misses her house. Her little one, on the other hand, especially misses her father. “I hear it every day – she says – she asks me how I am in Italy, if I eat and what I do”. They feel nostalgia for Ukraine, but mother and son do not even discard the idea of ​​a future in Italy, “obviously if my husband can join us”, the woman specifies. The little boy, a football fan and Juventus fan, of Italy especially likes the climate – “it’s hotter here” – and the pasta.

Source: Ansa

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