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    Two children injured by the Russians treated in Belarus REPORTAGE

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    M5S, training school starts (ANSA)

    It happens in this atrocious war in Ukraine that those who shoot and injure then, at times, help.
    Valeria8 years old, and her 6 year old brother, Nazarythey were waiting for dinner at their great-aunt’s house in a tiny country village north of Kiev, Stara Budawhen the Russians opened fire despite the writing “civilians” clearly visible on the green gate. The two children were injured and transported by the Moscow military to hospital in Belarus, a country allied with the invaders. Now mom Svitlana asks for help from Italy: “The child needs to continue her treatment, take us away”.
    “It all happened in 30 minutes,” the children’s great-aunt told ANSA Yanina, an elderly peasant woman who lost her husband on March 15 under Russian fire. The man’s body, riddled by the blows, remained for three days on the lawn under a blanket before Yanina could give him a first provisional burial. “I was afraid the dogs would eat it.”
    In the house there were 10 people in all, an extended family made up of grandparents, uncles, children. There was also a wounded Ukrainian soldier who had found refuge there. Yanina shows the holes left by the bullets in the wall, without speaking. The shots hit the little girl Valeria to the leg, crushing her left knee: “He had the bones out.” The bullet it hit Nazary instead he pierced his abdomen from side to side “luckily without touching vital organs,” says the aunt Natasha.

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    An elderly man dead and two seriously injured children, the toll of the slaughter. “Immediately afterwards the Russians entered the house and with their doctor they offered to take the children away to help them,” continues Yanina. And so, with the family’s blue minivan, the mother and her two injured and terrified children were taken to Ivankiv, to a field hospital in the rear to stabilize the conditions of the little ones.

    But it wasn’t enough. “If you want to save them, we must take them to Belarus”, was the chilling offer of the attackers.
    “Anywhere is fine, just save them”, the resolute response of the mother. The day after Svitlana and her children were transferred by helicopter to Gomel Children’s Hospital, welcomed with a refugee permit. Since Valeria he underwent 4 surgeries on his left leg, a flap of skin was removed from the right. And it wasn’t until April 5 that she took her first steps thanks to a walker. “They have been looked after and treated well.

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    Belarusian volunteers helped them with daily needs, clothes, toys. But for two weeks the child did not utter a word, the intervention of a psychologist was needed “, says the aunt again in constant telephone contact with the three, albeit under control. And she shows the photos of an injured child in the corridors of a hospital , barely standing with the walker, but smiling in his pink t-shirt with the Pokemon.
    Now the hospital wants to release them and the refugee permit is about to expire, with the risk that they will be stranded in Belarus, he explains.

    “They don’t bring them back to Ukraine. Nazary it’s out of danger, but Valeria she needs rehabilitation, otherwise she risks not walking or being lame “, is the alarm of the family.

    Hence the appeal to Italy to help them get out of the country and reach a safe place where they can continue their treatment. “My niece dreams of seeing the sea, she has never seen it. To comfort her we told her that she will soon see it. The Italian sea”.

    Source: Ansa

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