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    Pg Perugia, reject Palamara’s objection request

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    Fiammetta Purse:

    (ANSA) – PERUGIA, 06 MAY – The Prosecutor General of Perugia has asked for the rejection of the request for recusal made by the defenders of Luca Palamara of the judges before whom the trial for corruption is underway. Motivated by the registration of the two members of the college to the National Magistrates Association which asked to be a civil party in the proceeding. Palamara’s application will be examined on May 9 by the Court of Appeal.

    The Attorney General led by Sergio Sottani filed a statement in which he affirms that “there are no reasons to consider an interest of the judges in the trial, as the conduct charged to the accused, in relation to which the Anm intended to present its application for a civil action, on the basis of the accusatory prospect, are in absolute contrast with the principles that govern the actions of the magistrate and that damage the prestige and independence of the judiciary “. “These values ​​- underlines the Office – are specific to the judicial function and exist independently of the existence of the ANM, which those values ​​aims to protect. They are the values ​​to which every magistrate, precisely because such, must inspire his work, and are placed at the foundation of its institutional function. Values ​​that exist independently of being registered with the National Association of Magistrates. The convergent moral interest between the judging magistrates registered with the Association and the latter, that those values ​​of impartiality, autonomy and independence of the Judiciary has by statute the task of protecting, it is a false problem. The moral-ethical value and at the same time the legal value protected by statute by the Anm is the same that animates the magistrate in his daily function of exercising justice, before and independently from being enrolled in an Association that stands as a champion of those same values to the paradoxical conclusion that no magistrate, and not just the magistrate registered with the Anm, could judge these facts because he would always have an interest in the protection and respect of those values ​​that the Anm aims to protect by statute “. (HANDLE).

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    Source: Ansa

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