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Palamara’s request to reject Perugia judges rejected

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(ANSA) – PERUGIA, 12 MAY – The Court of Appeal of Perugia has rejected Luca Palamara’s appeal against the judges of the Umbrian capital who are judging him for corruption. The hearing for the discussion of the petition took place on 9 May and the judges reserved the right to decide.

The defense of Palamara had advanced the request for recusal arguing that “the issue on the impartiality of the judge” was “created” by the Anm “which asked to be a civil party in a trial where two members of the college are members of the same association” .

The Prosecutor General of Perugia, led by Sergio Sottani, had instead asked for the application to be rejected, stating that “there are no reasons to believe that the judges are interested in the trial, as the conduct charged to the accused, in relation to which the Anm has intended to present one’s request for a civil party, on the basis of the accusatory prospect, are placed in absolute contrast with the principles that govern the actions of the magistrate and that damage the prestige and independence of the judiciary “.


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Source: Ansa

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