Election day: turnout at 19, in the municipalities at 41.7%, referendum at 11.4% Lamorgese: ‘Serious absences in Palermo’

She fled from Ukraine to give birth in Italy, now she returns with the newborn to her city (ANSA)

Polling stations open for voting for municipal and referendum elections. There are 971 municipalities in which to vote, for a total number of voters that touches 9 million.

When the data relating to about one third of the 818 municipalities managed by the Interior Ministry are known, the turnout at 7 pm is around 41.71% (it was 45.39% at the previous counterparts, but it was voted in two days).

“All the voters who at 11pm this Sunday are present in the polling stations or inside the school complex or other building where the polling station is located can exercise their right to vote even after 11pm, until the operations are completed of voting by all the aforementioned voters “. This was communicated by the Interior Ministry, in particular in relation to what happened in Palermo.

At 7 pm the turnout for the referendums was just over 11.45%, when the data of over 2,500 municipalities out of 7,903 for questions 1,3 and 5 arrived. This can be seen from the website of the Ministry of the Interior. We only vote today until 11pm.

“It is very serious that in Palermo, without prior notice, a large number of polling presidents did not appear for the inauguration, or renounced their office, delaying the start of the voting operations. Such an attitude expresses an absolute lack of respect for the institutions and for the citizens called on this electoral and referendum day to exercise a fundamental constitutional right for the democratic life of the country “, declared the Minister of the Interior, Luciana Lamorgese.


The President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella voted in Palermo, accompanied by the escort, he went as usual to the 535 seat. the municipality is trying to replace to allow the smooth running of electoral operations. Late in the morning, the last 13 presidents of sections who had passed away due to sudden resignations took office. Voting will soon be regular in all 600 city sections. Sources of the Interior Ministry let it be known. The seats not established in Palermo due to the resignation of presidents – and which have not been replaced – have been merged with the sections already in operation where the vote is in progress. This is what is stated in a provision of the Interior Ministry, signed by the head of the Department. Under current legislation, the opening hours of polling stations cannot be changed, operation, ministerial sources explain, which could only be done by enacting a new law: however, in polling stations open late, voters who will find themselves in line at polling closures will be able to to vote after 11 pm. The case of the election day of May 13, 2001 is recalled, when due to delays in voting, voting was held until late at night.

There are 26 capital municipalities, of which four are regional capitals. These are Alessandria, Asti, Cuneo, Como, Lodi, Monza, Belluno, Padua, Verona, Gorizia, GENOALa Spezia, Parma, Piacenza, Lucca, Pistoia, Frosinone, Rieti, Viterbo, THE EAGLE, Barletta, Taranto, CATANZARO, PALERMOMessina and Oristano.

Of the provincial capitals to the vote, four are commissioners: Barletta and Taranto following a vote of no confidence, while Messina and Viterbo due to the resignation of the mayor. The referendum questions – on which 50,915,402 voters can express their opinion, of which 4,735,783 abroad – are five and concern the separation of functions for magistrates, the Severino law, the limits for pre-trial detention, the rules for candidacies to the CSM and the assessments of the judges.

Source: Ansa

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