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Election day: turnout at 19, in the municipalities at 39.1%, referendum at 14% Lamorgese: ‘Serious absences in Palermo’

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Polling stations open until 11pm for voting for municipal and referendum elections.

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MUNICIPALITIES – The turnout at 7 pm for the vote in the municipal elections for the 818 municipalities managed by the Interior Ministry, is equal to 39.11%. At previous homologations it was 42.52%.

THE REFERENDUMS – The turnout at 7 pm for the referendum on justice rises to 14%, when the data of 7,604 out of 7,903 municipalities arrived (question 1). It can be seen from the website of the Ministry of the Interior.

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“All the voters who at 11pm this Sunday are present in the polling stations or inside the school complex or other building where the polling station is located can exercise their right to vote even after 11pm, until the operations are completed of voting by all the aforementioned voters “. This was communicated by the Interior Ministry, in particular in relation to what happened in Palermo.

“It is very serious that in Palermo, without prior notice, a large number of polling presidents did not appear for the inauguration, or renounced their office, delaying the start of the voting operations. Such an attitude expresses an absolute lack of respect for the institutions and for the citizens called on this electoral and referendum day to exercise a fundamental constitutional right for the democratic life of the country “, declared the Minister of the Interior, Luciana Lamorgese.


For the referendums on Justice and the abolition of the Severino law, this is nothing. The figure recorded on the turnout at 7 pm, equal to 14 per cent of those entitled to vote (based on the data of the Interior Ministry which concern 7,604 municipalities out of 7,903) does not leave many glimmers on the achievement of the required quorum (50% + 1). The Radicals and the League fought in a tough referendum campaign on the five questions, repeatedly denouncing the silence of the media. How much the low turnout contributed is difficult to establish, but it is enough to compare with the referendum of 7 April 2016 on drills, which had a turnout of 23.54% at 19, and then did not even reach 33% at the close of the polls, to get a picture of what will happen with the questions about justice. A picture so clear that it is almost superfluous to consider the need to wait for the first exit polls conducted out of the polling stations to realize, well before the closing of the polls, that the objective of those who intended to introduce a series of changes in the field of the judiciary and administration of justice was not centered. A fact that, moreover, unites this referendum to the referendums that have taken place in Italy in the last decade or so. But after all, the flop seemed to have been announced for days. And feared by all those who pushed the 5 questions to the end. The referendum was inserted in the context of an election day, at the same time as the administrative elections in 975 municipalities, including the greater Palermo, where the problems for the establishment of seats and the start of voting were not few, due to the forfeits of tellers and polling officers.

Source: Ansa

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