Municipal: Lady Demonique defeated, 81 votes for mistress

Genoa, Bucci:

Lady Demonique didn’t make it. Mistress Doha Zaghi, candidate for mayor for the Gay-Lgbt + Solidale party in San Bartolomeo Val Carvargna, less than a thousand inhabitants in the province of Como, did not go beyond 14.6% of the preferences against Eleonora Bari, who was reconfirmed with over 85% of the votes.

Excluded from the electoral commission, after the veto also of Carlo Calenda to run as municipal councilor of Como, the 31-year-old had been readmitted by the Lombardy TAR in the race to the municipality of San Bartolomeo. “Now you risk having to call me Mrs. Mayor. When the going gets tough, the Mistresses start playing!”, She had commented on social media, the aspiring first citizen. After much controversy, evidently, her proposal did not make inroads among the inhabitants of the mountain municipality in the center of the Cavargna valley: she only got 81 votes.

Source: Ansa

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