Municipal: at the Bossi house the ballot will be between FdI and Lega

Child killed in Catania, her paternal grandfather:

(ANSA) – MILAN, 14 JUN – In the ‘Bethlehem of the League’ Brothers of Italy beat Lega, at least at the moment: in Cassano Magnago, a town in the province of Varese famous above all for being the birthplace of Umberto Bossi, in fact, in the ballot challenge is entirely internal to the center-right with the FdI candidate in front and (above all) the list that has the name of the outgoing mayor Nicola Poliseno).

Pietro Ottaviani in fact obtained 35.61% of the preferences against the 20.37 of Osvaldo Coghi supported by Forza Italia and Carroccio. Together the center-right would have comfortably exceeded 50%, instead there will be an internal challenge. Among the parties, the highest number of votes actually went to the Poliseno civic list (28.24), followed by Forza Italia (10.56), Lega (9.74) and Fdi (6.97%). (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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