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Etruria: Boschi, even sexist insults against me

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“The Banca Etruria affair has upset our lives. My family has been pointed out for years as responsible for the biggest banking scandals in the country. Nothing was true. Now all of Italy knows it”. Thus Maria Elena Boschi, deputy of Italia Viva and former minister, comments on the acquittal of her father on the collapse of Banca Etruria in an interview with ‘La Repubblica’.
“The theme is not the investigation, but the massacre of the media. If I had not been so visible, in those days, no one would have talked about Banca Etruria and my father – he continues – the banking scandals were others, everyone knows. But many of the protagonists of those events were closely linked with part of the media, financial and cultural ruling class of this country. And an impressive silence fell over them “.
According to Boschi, the Etruria case “should make the media think more than the magistrates. I was sentenced without doing anything. And the opposition at the time, starting with the Five Stars, insulted me in the most vulgar way. No grillino has yet found the way of saying the word ‘sorry’ “, he continues.
The worst thing according to the former minister was “the verbal violence that often resulted in sexism. They stopped calling me by my name to cripple me into Maria Etruria Boschi – she concludes – changing your name is the first step to dehumanize you. they filled me with allusions and threats in the embarrassed and complicit silence of many and many.
Even some who owe their careers to Renzismo have competed to say that I was the problem, that I had to disappear “.

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Source: Ansa

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