The Pope against fake news, disinformation is daily

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Information must be clean, honest, complete. This is what Pope Francis hopes, who has returned to stigmatize the world of fake news.

He did so in a meeting with the Paulines, religious who have communication as their charism. “If we take today’s media – said Bergoglio – lack of cleanliness, lack of honesty, lack of completeness. Dis-information is on the agenda: one thing is said but many others are hidden “.

The Pontiff instead hopes for a “clear and clear” communication and in the case of the religious editors of many periodicals, including Famiglia Cristiana, “witnessed with one’s own life”.

Francesco, who on various occasions has shown esteem and respect for the world of journalism, underlined the need for “rediting the communication from the state it is in todayin the hands of a whole world of communication that either says half, or one party slanders the other, or one party defames the other, or a party on the tray offers scandals because people like to eat scandals, that is, eating dirt. It is not true? That’s how it is. “

If it follows these patterns, communication “becomes an indigestible, dirty, unclean meal. Your vocation – he told the religious – is that communication is made clean, clear, simple”.

“There are always difficulties in communicating well, and in communication there is always also some danger of transforming reality. One tells, communicates this to the other, this communicates it to this, to that other and that other and around, when he comes back, he is like Little Red Riding Hood, starting with the wolf wanting to eat Little Red Riding Hood and ending with Little Red Riding Hood and his grandmother eating the wolf. Bad communication distorts reality“, the Pontiff said again, underlining however the importance of communication, even within the Church itself.” Thank you for your vocation to communicate in the Church. Go ahead on this: the Church needs this “, he said to the Paulines.

In the text delivered, the Pontiff instead made a reflection on social media and the hyper-connected world: “After the first times of euphoria for technological innovations, we are aware that it is not enough to live ‘on the net’ or ‘connected’we need to see to what extent our communication, enriched by the digital environment, actually creates bridges and contributes to the construction of the culture of encounter “.

Source: Ansa

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