Renzi, ‘the center? Premature to talk about it. Di Maio leader? Hard

Kickboxing, winning debut for Elisabetta Canalis (ANSA)

What shape will the center pole take? “It’s too early to tell, why from now to the next elections everything will change and this time I am not optimistic. In any case, if you vote in May 2023, you can talk about it in January-February 1923, not before. Whoever talks about it now, has an umbrella discussion. It’s like transfer market football because in 6 months everything will be different. “To say this is the leader of Italia viva, Matteo Renzim guest of” Half an hour more “on Rai 3.

On the possibility that Luigi Di Maio is the new leader of the center, “Well, I think it is difficult to recycle on complicated positions, for example what does Di Maio think about guaranteeing?”, Renzi observes. “AND’ a person looking for an author. If I could tell him one thing, we expect an apology on our affairs from the Etruria case to justicialism, but above all at this stage we would like the discussion to be on the true themes of atlantism and not on the double mandatebecause I find it disheartening that they discuss this. “

For Renzi “the Draghi area is not a party, otherwise we will immediately transform Draghi into a Monti bis”. As for the predecessor of the Prime Minister at Palazzo Chigi, Giuseppe Conte“if he had been on that train – en route to Kiev like Draghi and the leaders of France and Germany – they wouldn’t even put him in a bunk“.” Mine is not an insult – adds Renzi – I say that Conte is contradictory because he said no to new weapons and he is the one who has put up the most weapons of all “.

Source: Ansa

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