Ballotings: a vote in Lucca amidst the controversy over the center-right’s allies

The main ballot game in Tuscany is being played in Lucca, where controversies have been strong in view of the vote, especially for the alignments in the center-right. The outcome of the first round sees the center-left candidate Francesco Raspini in the lead with 42.7%. The unitary mayoral candidate of the center-right Mario Pardini, who finished second with 34.3%, found an agreement for the support of the ballot by Fabio Barsanti (9.5%), already elected city councilor in 2017 with CasaPound and now supported from the lists Defending Lucca, Center-right for Barsanti and Prima Lucca-Italexit with Comparison. Agreement also with the civic candidate Elvio Cecchini, who obtained 2.96%.

The appearance with Barsanti has sparked numerous controversies, first of all loudly by the Democratic Party which has risen for the agreement with the right, but also in Fi with the case of the deputy Elio Vito, former group leader in the Chamber and minister in the fourth Berlusconi government, which announced the resignation from Forza Italia and also from Parliament. A help to Pardini could also come from the no Green pass area with the anti-Democratic support of Andrea Colombini (4.19%), candidate for mayor supported by civic lists and Ancora Italia, a party force clearly opposed to the green certificate.

Even the candidate for mayor Alberto Veronesi (3.65%) announced his support for Pardini, being immediately ‘discharged’ and denied by the lists that supported him: Italia Viva, + Europa and Action with Calenda who reiterated support “for the center-left candidate (without the 5s) “. He then announced his support for Pardini Giorgio Del Ghingaro, mayor of Viareggio (Lucca) elected with the center-left but for some time at odds with the Democratic Party which has passed to the opposition in the municipal council Another all-Tuscan game is the ballot in Carrara (Massa Carrara) which sees the candidate of the center-left, without M5s, Serena Arrighi (29.92%) and the candidate of the Lega Simone Caffaz (18.93%) who will be able to count on the support of the candidate of Fi and Fdi Andrea Vannucci (16.98 %) and of the deputy Iv Cosimo Ferri who broke the alliance with socialists.

Source: Ansa

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