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Casellati writes to Draghi: ‘Senators’ unease about the role of the Accounting Office’

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Letter of warning and protest of the group leaders in the Senate who ask for greater protection of the Parliament which has “increasingly narrow margins” to exercise its function, between urgent decrees and the use of trust and the “unappealable” decisions of the State Accounting Office. An “unease” of which the president of the Senate informed the head of the government.

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“Distinguished President, the conversion of the Pnrr2 decree has made macroscopically evident ancient problems concerning the safeguarding of the role of Parliament, the real ownership of legislative power, the legitimacy of political decisions”. This is what we read in a letter to the President of the Senate Elisabetta Alberti Casellati, by the speakers of the Pnrr2, Andrea Cangini and Tatjana Rojc, by the presidents of the First and Seventh Commission, Dario Parrini and Riccardo Nencini, and by all the majority group leaders in the building. Madam. “In recent days – continues the letter – we have found an alarming imbalance between the powers of the State and between these and its technical-accounting structures. The problem no longer concerns, only, the dialectic between executive and legislative. The overlapping of extraordinary events and epoch-making, from the Covid19 pandemic to the PNRR with its rigid procedures and its strict deadlines, has created an exceptional situation characterized by an increasingly massive use of decree laws and the question of trust against the background of a slippage of factual our equal bicameralism towards an anomalous condition of alternating single chamber “. “In this context, which is partly the result of emergency circumstances and which therefore we would be wrong to consider physiological, or something to get used to – they write again, we feel we must clearly deplore the increasingly narrow margins within which Parliament is forced to exercise its constitutional function and the submission of the Government and Parliament to the unappealable decisions of the State General Accounting Office. replies by one of the two speakers and followed by all those who have spoken. We ask you, due to the role you hold and the sensitivity that distinguishes you, to take on the urgency of stopping a trend that now presents the traits of the pathology and jeopardizes the very credibility of legislative activity “.

“The discomfort expressed by the senators concerns a more specific point within the dialectic between legislative and executive power. It is in fact a question that affects the role of the General Accounting Office of the State to which” final decisions “would be forced to” subjugate ” not only Parliament but the government itself “. Elisabetta Casellati writes it, according to what is learned from parliamentary sources, in a passage of the letter sent to Prime Minister Mario Draghi. The president of Palazzo Madama encloses the letter received from the group leaders who, after the OK to the dl Pnrr, ask for the safeguarding of the role of Parliament. “Dear President – reads the letter from the President of the Senate to the Prime Minister – at the conclusion of the examination, by the Senate, of the bill converting the decree law of April 30, 2022, n.36, containing further urgent measures for the implementation of the national recovery and resilience plan (Pnrr), I consider it appropriate to submit a copy of the letter sent to me by the presidents of the majority parliamentary groups, as well as by the presidents of the first and seventh competent committees, by the two rapporteurs, to protect and safeguard the role of Parliament ” . “Even in the awareness – he concludes – of the persistent state of extraordinary emergency that, for various reasons, characterizes this historical moment, but in any case in the certainty of its institutional sensitivity, I consider it appropriate to draw your attention to the feeling of serious discomfort and profound malaise experienced by many senators, so that it can be a reason for reflection and a common search for adequate solutions “.

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