Reversal in Lucca, center-right united wins with Pardini

Municipalities Catanzaro, Donato:

(ANSA) – FLORENCE, JUN 27 – He wins in a sprint in the middle of the night in Lucca – and provokes the reversal in favor of the center-right -, the entrepreneur Mario Pardini, 49, who in hours of controversy over the divided moderates and losers in Italy, here it gives the exception that proves the rule. Pardini was able to bring together votes from the center, the right and even the extreme right like Casapound. The consensus was scattered in the first round in other nominations. Pardini (51.03%) gave two points of difference on the Pd-Sinistra-Verdi man Francesco Raspini (48.97%), who also received energetic investitures on the field from his party leader Enrico Letta and also from Carlo Calenda , who came to Lucca to support him in person, as well as by an appeal from intellectuals. Instead, Pardini brings a very marked majority to the Municipality: in addition to Fdi, Lega, Fi, Udc, to his civic address, he will have to take into account the support of candidates who had presented themselves with right-wing civic lists and transversal movements of the galaxy No vax and No pass

Furthermore, Pardini had received voting instructions from the orchestra conductor Alberto Veronesi, candidate with Rinascimento Sgarbi, Iv + Europe and Action in the first round.

In Carrara a large victory for the left with the Democratic Party, Pri, Green Europe and the Left Civic Ecologist who supported Serena Arrighi, 50, an IT entrepreneur from the beginning. Arrighi closes the parenthesis of a five-star municipal council. He prevailed with 57.79% (12,468 votes) on the center-right candidate Simone Caffaz (Lega, Fdi, Fi, Socialists, civic lists), still at 42.21% (9,106 votes), who did not need the support of Cosimo Ferri (supported by Italia Viva-Psi had taken 15% in the first round), a decision that sparked controversy in the center-left. The 5 Star Movement had left its electorate free to choose whether or not to vote and the PSI (split from Cosimo Ferri of Italia Viva who had indicated to vote Caffaz) had formally declared that it preferred Serena Arrighi to the right.

“From today – said Arrighi – we begin to write a new chapter of Carrara together. People have rewarded our consistency, and that of a project that we did not want to pollute with purely mathematical logics”. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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