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    The Role of the Attacks on Russian Supply Depots

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    VPerhaps one of the most important developments of the past few days has been the numerous attacks on Russian supply depots far behind the front lines. About a handful are caught on video, and more are being talked about on social media.

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    Why this matters: If the Ukrainians succeed in permanently disrupting the supply routes of the Russian troops, this would very quickly take the strength out of the Russian offensive. MIn the medium term, the Russian ammunition stocks will also be reduced in this way. Not only camps are affected by the attacks, but also the supply routes themselves.

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    But it is not just about the Russian offensive, but also about Ukrainian counterattacks. Especially in southern Ukraine, the Ukrainians are being slowed down by new troops and new material coming from Russia via the Crimea to the front around Cherson. If these supplies dried up because rail lines were disrupted, that would allow Kiev’s troops to advance more quickly.

    Why all the attacks now? The US-supplied Himars rocket launchers, which hit meter-precise far behind the Russian lines, have a share in this. That was not possible for the Ukrainians until now. The next few days could show whether Kiev’s strategy will be successful, if the intensity of the Russian artillery fire should decrease. We’ll keep you posted here.


    • Russian President Vladimir Putin According to Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Draghi, he will not personally become a G20 summit to travel. He has that Indonesian President Joko Widodo as a host to be clear. More about this here. Macron publishes transcript of Putin’s pre-war phone call: In the Ukraine war, the French President acts as a mediator between Putin and the West. An original recording now shows how difficult it was. Read more here.
    • The Kremlin’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, is said to have urged Ukraine again to to lay down arms. This is reported by the Russian news agency TASS. More on this in our news blog.
    • The objectives of the European Union for the export of 20 million tons of grain from Ukraine by the end of July are unrealistic according to Polish estimates. The reason is that it too little progress in solving logistics problems, said the country’s agriculture minister.
    • Of the Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska has the Ukraine conflict as enormous mistake designated. “Is it in Russia’s interest to destroy Ukraine? Of course not, that would be a colossal mistake,” he said at a press conference 5.5 million peoplewho fled to other parts of the country after the Russian attack, have returned home, according to the United Nations. However, 6.2 million people are still displaced within the country.
    • After this Missile attack in Kremenchuk Russia has denied the accusation that specifically a busy shopping center to have shot. The Russian army said the attack was aimed at a nearby arms and ammunition depot.
    • In Lithuania Parliament in Vilnius has the Import of gas from Russia banned. The Seimas people’s representative body decided unanimously to make corresponding legal changes.
    • the british army assumes less high Russian losses than previously assumed. The Chief of Staff Sir Patrick Anders spoke of estimated 33,000 dead, wounded, missing or captured Russian soldiers.


    1. Belarus is practicing the balancing act in the Ukraine war: The double game of Alexander Lukashenko (T+)

    Belarus is cooperating intensively with Russia in the war of aggression against Ukraine. However, the ruler Lukashenko does not send troops. According to experts, there are significant reasons for this from his point of view.

    2. A mountain of problems: What remains of the G7 meeting in Elmau (T+)

    After three days, the summit of the seven heads of state and government of the G7 comes to an end – with some uncomfortable truths, as the final declaration shows. A balance sheet.

    3. HIV and TB in Ukraine: “War favors the spread of infection” (T+)

    Health expert David Kokiashvili on AIDS and tuberculosis in Ukraine, concerns about the consequences of the war and what needs to be done now. An interview.

    4. Impressions of Ukraine by photo artist Mila Teshaieva: In the landscape of death

    How people live in war: Mila Teshaieva’s personal photo diary “Splinters of Life” in the Museum Europäischer Kulturen Berlin.

    Source: Tagesspiegel

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