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On the Ius scholae the wall of the League, there is a Letta-Salvini clash

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Stop to polluting cars from 2035, ok to eco-fuels (ANSA)

The “pincer” of Lega and M5s makes itself felt in Parliament where some laws, from the legalization of cannabis to the ius scholae, passing through euthanasia and the Zan bill, risk ending up “packed”.
But it is on the law on citizenship that a very hard battle between the Lega and Enrico Letta takes place. Matteo Salvini’s party presented 1,500 amendments, in order to block the provision. But the Nazarene is not there: Enrico Letta, speaking to the Management, declares that the Democratic Party “does not retreat an inch” on a text which, he emphasizes, not only guarantees “rights”, but corresponds to a “national interest”, for a Country experiencing a dramatic demographic crisis. “We are the true patriots, not Meloni and Salvini”, he adds. He then attacks the League, saying that it would be “unacceptable” to bring down the government on a text that is not part of the government program.
The reply from Via Bellerio is for the rhymes: “I’m sorry that the PD, which once represented the workers now has drugs and immigrants as a priority. Letta’s threats? Don’t scare anyone, Enrico is calm.” Finally, the two group leaders Romeo and Molinari who provocatively ask the Pd and M5s if “they want to work for the country together with the League or if they prefer a government crisis”.
Mario Draghi is called out: “they are proposals of parliamentary initiative and therefore the government does not take a position nor I comment on them,” he said at a press conference.

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Source: Ansa

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