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Government: Draghi-Conte phone call today. Monday the meeting

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First contact, today, between Prime Minister Mario Draghi and the president of the 5 Stars, Giuseppe Conte. According to government sources, in the afternoon, the two will hear each other on the phone while they will meet next Monday.

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“The government does not riskthe premier said yesterday at a press conference – because the national and Italian interests are paramount. The Government was formed to do and this is the condition it has to do. The government cannot be done without 5 stars, this is my opinion “.

The Five Stars they make an important contribution and I am sure they will continue to make it in the coming months. Conte confirmed that he is not willing to leave the government and to give foreign support so I am based on this “, added Draghi.

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“The government was born with 5 Stars, it is not satisfied with external support, because it values ​​the contribution of the 5 Stars too much to be satisfied with external support”.

Draghi: ‘I never thought of entering into party matters’

“I believe that this story” within the M5s with the friction with Draghi “is not relevant, I think it is important that Draghi stays, keeps the bar straight, makes reforms and spends Pnrr money”. Action leader Carlo Calenda said this on the sidelines of a CGIL initiative in Rome.

Draghi: ‘The government does not risk, the national interest is paramount’

Source: Ansa

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