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Grillo: “Immediately a law on the minimum wage, it is a battle of civilization”

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Fair Play Menarini, Stoner:

“In Italy there are 4.5 million workers who earn less than 9 euros gross per hour, 2.5 million do not reach 8 euros and about 400,000 people have wages so low that they have to be supplemented with the Citizenship Income (Inps data). Millions of people who, while working, are poor. People who, in order to make ends meet between inflation and expensive bills, have to apply quantum physical laws! “.

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He writes it on his blog Beppe Grillo stressing that it is “for this reason we have the urgent and vital need for a law on the minimum wage, so that no one is exploited anymore. For four years – he remembers – our spokespersons have been working to introduce it, and for four years they have clashed with other political forces that undermine the proposed law with amendments. The proposal of the M5s, first signed by our former Minister of Labor Nunzia Catalfo, is clear: introduce a sort of wage “dignity” test, a minimum mandatory threshold set at 9 euros, and strengthen the “healthy” collective bargaining, enhancing the so-called “leader” national collective labor agreements, in order to put an end to the proliferation of the so-called “pirate” CCNL. We can no longer wait – says Grillo -, we need a law on the minimum wage, to reduce inequalities and combat precariousness.

Let’s restore dignity to workers now. It is our battle of civilization! “.

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“Under 9 euros – writes the co-founder of the MoVimento – there are 38% of young people, 16% of over 35s, 21% of men and 26% of women, and the most exposed sectors of activity are tourism, catering, logistics, cultural heritage and activities, care and assistance to people. Currently, the minimum wage exists in 21 out of 27 countries in the European Union. There is not in our country and in Denmark, Finland, Austria, Sweden and Cyprus.

They range from € 332 per month in Bulgaria to € 2,257 per month in Luxembourg. And while our neighbors, France, Spain and Germany (12 euros!) – he observes – have raised wages to face the crisis, in our country wages are increasingly starving “.” The introduction of a law on wages minimum hours – reiterates Grillo – is a battle that the M5s has been carrying out since 2013, when the measure was included in the first bill on Citizenship Income with the aim of helping people to get out of poverty and increase workers’ salaries “.

“We have the wages that have been inactive for over 30 years! And in these 30 years, growing inequality has made workers even angrier. The wealth of the planet has been concentrated in the hands of a few people. Think that the 3 richest men in Italy own the total wealth of the 6 million poorest Italians. We can rewrite a new economic system that works not only for the rich and powerful, but for everyone, “he concludes.

Source: Ansa

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