Even without M5S the government has the numbers in the Senate

Juventus, Pogba:

A possible abstention or non-participation in the vote on confidence in the Dl Aid in the Aula of Palazzo Madama of the 62 senators of the Five Star Movement would not compromise, at least technically, the survival of the Draghi government.

The new regulation of Palazzo Madama, which entered into force in this legislature, eliminated in the Senate the previous equation of the effects of the abstention vote with that of the contrary vote. Consequently, technically the abstention vote in the Senate is now equivalent to non-participation in the vote, and nothing more. Before the reform of the Palazzo Madama regulation, abstentions had on several occasions triggered the government crisis, especially when the numbers were low. The Constitution, in fact, provides that the government must have confidence in both chambers, and it was enough for someone to abstain for his vote to weigh like a no, and the game was done. As for the actual “forces in the field”, however, even if the 62 senators of M5s retreated, the Draghi government would technically not risk. It could count on the consent of another 223 votes (out of 321), excluding from the count six senators for life who are not always present and who in any case when they vote usually take sides in support of the Executive. The absolute majority in Palazzo Madama is 161, currently on paper the votes for the government would be, including five stars, 285.

In detail, Fi has 51 senators, Ipf 10, Iv 15, the League 61, the Pd 39, the Autonomie group 8, the Misto 39. The parliamentarians of Leu, Action / + Europe, Italy at the Center converge in the Misto of Palazzo Madama , NcI, We at the Center.

Source: Ansa

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