Di Maio, Conte is carrying out a political revenge

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If things remain as they are today “Mario Draghi will resign in front of Parliament on Wednesday. And between Thursday and Friday, the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella will dissolve the Chambers”. Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio says this in interviews in La Stampa and Il Messaggero.
Conte’s party “is still trying to decide what to do – he explains -. The leader of the House had called a meeting against the will of the leader, according to the ministers we must be ready for a new trust in Draghi. They are divided and risk everything now they are the citizens”. The real issue “is to explain where this instability starts from: it is triggered by a party, Conte’s party that no longer has anything to do with the 5Stelle Movement, which on June 20 received the endorsement from the Russian ambassador in Rome on the draft resolution that indicated the Italian line on Ukraine “.

Di Maio is not certain that there is a Russian direction behind the crisis but he is sure that Putin “works to destabilize Italy and Europe”. Certainly “whoever is causing the crisis is giving the country to the far right. In addition, I am sure that Conte is carrying out a political revenge by knocking out Draghi: he still cannot rest for not being able to stay at Palazzo Chigi”. Conte’s real goal “is to go to elections to clear the parliamentary group and not to re-nominate 99% of outgoing deputies and senators. Especially since the elections will go very badly” adds the minister, who hopes it will come from the former prime minister “a jolt last minute “. When “this summer and autumn we find ourselves with a country unable to solve the problems of Italians regarding bills, inflation, gas, there will be a decision to make: stay with sovereignties and extremisms or choose reformism”.

For the minister “we must look, as Draghi says, to the majority of national unity”. The whole free world “is asking for the Draghi government to go ahead. The regimes are cheering against it – he adds -. I have those statements in front of me: the United States, Germany, the Vatican, the European Commission. buying pages of newspapers to ask Draghi to reconsider “.

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