The Manifesto comes out in Greece ‘but it is a plagiarism of the right’


Same name and same font, but at the service of an opposite political orientation: the Manifesto also comes out in Greece but it is a fake, denounces the historic communist newspaper today, “a plagiarism of the right” against which the warning of Italian lawyers has already started who ask to stop publishing. While an appeal is launched to readers and sympathizers: “If you are in Greece, don’t buy it. More than the protection of intellectual property, the defense of the newspaper’s history counts”.
The authors of the plagiarism – it is explained in the article that alongside the signature of Giansandro Merli that of the Greek colleague Dimitri Deliolanes – “have replaced the masculine definite article ‘il’ with the neutral Greek equivalent ‘to’, for the rest the title is identical to that drawn in 1971 by Giuseppe Trevisani, the first graphic of the poster. The only significant variation is of a chromatic nature: there is not the red of the strip underlining the name, but the yellow of the circle surrounding the first two letters”.
After some insights, the story of the complaint continues, “the lawyers Andrea Fiore and Alessio La Pegna, with the help of their Greek colleague Ioannis Apatzidis, sent a warning on behalf of our cooperative to immediately stop the publication of the pirate variant”.
“To manifesto” was born in April 2019, three months after the political vote. After a few pre-election hard copies, he reconstructs the article, it remains only on the Internet until last May 16, when it returns to newsstands, pushing the slogan that circulated on the streets of Athens on the back of some buses: “At the center of power”.
Under the twitter profile, however, the message stands out: “The middle class is the future of the nation”. Hence the conclusion: “The irregularities committed by copying the name and logo can range from copyright infringement, to unfair competition, to plagiarism. The manifesto is a registered trademark at European level, historic in Italy, its protection goes beyond the individual In this case, however, more than the protection of intellectual property, the defense of the newspaper’s history counts. The red line underlining the letters of the newspaper indicates a precise political position and a pure and independent publisher, organized in the form of a cooperative . Anyone who wants to make a yellow newspaper must use another name “.

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