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Municipalities: Verona, Tommasi takes office ‘the adventure begins’

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(ANSA) – VERONA, JUL 18 – “It is the beginning of an adventure that has seen mine, our lives, a little change: now the outcome of the elections gives us a great responsibility”. This was said today by the new mayor of Verona elected from the ranks of the center-left, Damiano Tommasi, presenting the city government team.

“We have a great responsibility, many expectations, a great desire to do and ground the projects we have shared for months – he explained, often using terms of football jargon -. One of the qualities that unites all the members of the junta is the being demanding with themselves, everyone wants something more from themselves and I think this is that extra something you need when you have to give 100% of what we have “. Ten councilors (five men and five women) called by Tommasi in the municipal executive. “I am convinced that we will do a lot for this city and we will do it by being well together – he concluded -. I am happy that the choice made in the electoral campaign to have gender equality in our council has been confirmed. Picoli steps towards a Verona that we certainly want different from what we have seen for years. “


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Source: Ansa

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