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THE POINT AT 12:30 – Draghi resigns, Mattarella will dissolve the Chambers

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Karst fire, rescue at work to stem the fire (ANSA)

“Thank you for that … Sometimes even the heart of central bankers is used.” Mario Draghi smiles sober and moved, while half the hemicycle in Montecitorio applauds him (5S, Lega and FI properties) before announcing that he is about to go up to the Quirinale to put the mandate in Mattarella’s hands. The premier had already communicated his resignation to his ministers before his request for a new pact to restore national unity was dropped. The response from Conte, Salvini and Berlusconi was a round no. And the Head of State Sergio Mattarella is now preparing to dissolve the Chambers, after having summoned the President of the Senate Casellati and the President of the Chamber Fico in the afternoon to the Quirinale, on the basis of Article 88 of the Constitution which regulates the dissolution of Parliament. A statement from the Quirinale, read by the Secretary General Ugo Zampetti in the official video, explains that Mattarella has taken note of the resignation of the premier and the government, who remain in office for the “handling of current affairs”. Roberto Fico reads the premier’s letter of resignation in the Chamber of Deputies, which this morning saw the presidents of the two chambers.

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Meanwhile, the expectation is growing for the words of the Head of State who – having decided the date of the elections – will certainly spur the political forces to respect the path of reforms that blocks the path of the PNRR.

Meanwhile, the parties are turned upside down. After Gemini, Renato Brunetta also says goodbye to Forza Italia: “It is not I who am betraying her, but it is Fi who has betrayed herself”. The Democratic Party, with Enrico Letta, denounces “they left us alone” and reflects on the crisis of the wide field, while the great maneuvers in the center resume.

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Matteo Renzi calls for a “great reassemblement which, in the name of the principles of these months of Draghi’s government, will say yes to Europe and no to the sovereigns”. The center-right has regrouped on the early vote but is already divided on who should be the leader.

“Meloni? There is no face of the center-right, we will see when we go to vote. We will have a political and economic program, the Europeanist and Atlantist choice is fundamental, our main interlocutor is the United States”, freezes the expectations of Fratelli d Italy the coordinator of Fi, Antonio Tajani.

Source: Ansa

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