Media Gb, Draghi’s resignation cushioned by the internal crisis

Ukraine, Lukashenko:

The announcement of the formalization of Mario Draghi’s resignation also bounces in real time on the British media, with breaking news from BBC and Sky, although muffled in the attention of the various newspapers and in that of the political world by the pre-eminence given to the internal crisis: yesterday reached the penultimate act with the indication of the former Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak and the Foreign Minister Liz Truss as protagonists of the ballot without exclusion of blows for the election in the coming weeks as new Tory leader and the succession to Boris Johnson as premier of the Kingdom from 5 September.
In the written press, the main newspapers do not fail to insert among the headlines of the section titles on the “resignation” announced yesterday evening on the basis of the outcome of the vote in the Senate as an epilogue now certain after that in recent days there was talk of ” resignation offered “and initially rejected by the president Sergio Mattarella. Resignations that suggest a certain concern and surprise in particular both on the progressive Guardian and on the Financial Times, voice of the City of London. After the former yesterday evoked the image of an “Italy asking Draghi to stay”; and that the second had not failed to comment on the crisis with some comments marked by the wish for continuity, in the belief that Italy “still needs” the former ECB number one at the helm of the government.

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