“Come on vacation to us”, Kiev now calls the tourists

Camorra, video on the bombs in the Neapolitan district of Ponticelli (ANSA)

Five months into the war, with fierce fighting in the Donbass and bombings scattered across the country, Kiev is trying to revive tourism and give a further message of resistance to the world. The ‘Visit Ukraine’ portal has been offering various travel packages in the country on its website for a few days, in some of them seeming to ignore the horror of war, such as the “relaxation” of Lviv or trips to the Kamianets-Podilsky canyon in the western area, in others, teasing the desire for adventure and risk, such as the tour of the “brave cities“with a passage also to Bucha and Irpin, the two towns near Kiev which have sadly become the symbol of Russian atrocities.

“Visiting Ukraine now – explains the tourist portal – does not just mean walking through the streets of beautiful cities and discovering what Ukraine is like. It is following in the footsteps of the defenders, seeing how the cities are recovering from horrors, looking at the eyes the people for whom life will never be the same. Discovering Ukraine today means seeing how you live in anticipation of the great victory and feeling the heartbeat of the whole free world. Be witnesses of the great history and set off for a trip to Ukraine with us! “.

An invitation that is a hymn to the resistance to which the Ukrainians have been called since February 24 and which, thanks also to the skilful rhetoric of President Voldymyr Zelensky, they have learned to promote on all social media. On the other hand, the war in Ukraine will also be remembered because it is the first that was followed all over the world live or almost on social channels.

“This is a country where the heroic past has given birth to modern businesses and incredible people. Here the air smells of freedom and life that has overcome the darkness”, is the invitation of Kiev, which to attract tourists remembers also the visits to Ukraine in recent months by some Hollywood stars, from Angelina Jolie on a humanitarian mission to Sean Penn, who is shooting a documentary on the war.

Source: Ansa

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