Lombard councilor also leaves FI, ‘I agree with Gelmini’s choice’

The heat does not let go, hot cities and more fires (ANSA)

(ANSA) – BRESCIA, 25 JUL – The Lombard regional councilor for the Alessandro Mattinzoli House leaves Forza Italia and leads the Berlusconi party at the provincial level in Brescia. “I no longer recognize FI that I have known – commented Mattinzoli – I respect Gelmini (minister who in turn left the party in recent days, ed) but the theme is not to follow Gelmini. It is that at this moment I fully share the choice with her. With a pandemic that is once again aggressive, with the economic, energy and water crisis we are bringing down an authoritative government led by Draghi to replace it with who? Draghi was the most authoritative person to lead Italy “.

“The strength of the center-right coalition – continues Mattinzoli – has never been the common thought, but on the contrary it is the difference between the parties. Forza Italia is flattening out at the thought of the League”. On his role as regional councilor Mattinzoli explains: “I respect Fontana and I will do what he deems useful for the good of Lombardy. I am available to him”.


Source: Ansa

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