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Elections, Calenda: ‘As premier there is only the name of Draghi’. Pd: ‘It’s not a topic on the agenda now “

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‘There is only one person who needs to be Prime Minister and his name is Mario Draghi. If the Italian citizens let us win, I promise we will ask Draghi to stay at Palazzo Chigi. That’s what this country needs. This was stated by the leader of Action, Carlo Calenda. “We are not the right that argues about Palazzo Chigi and the positions before making the lists. We are busy talking to the Italians and we will do our best to convince them to choose our political proposal. Then, with regard to the judgment on Mario Draghi, certainly no one can have doubts about what they think Letta and the Pd on his profile and his caliber. But it is not a topic on the agenda now. “This is what the Democratic Party specifies regarding the words of Carlo Calenda.

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“I don’t know who you are talking about.” This is how Carlo Calenda replies to the reporters who ask him if the presence of Luigi Di Maio could be a problem in a possible alliance in the next elections. “We love Enrico Letta, he is a serious person and we are available to discuss things to do with everyone”, added Calenda.

Calenda: ‘Di Maio I don’t know who he is, Read a serious person’

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“Our field is not open to those who brought down Draghi, with mathematical certainty “. This was stated by Carlo Calenda, leader of Action, at the presentation of the” Republican Pact “, with + Europe, in view of the elections next September.” Forza Italia has fully entered the populist, sovereignist area, anti-European and anti-Atlantic. It is no coincidence that Draghi was brought down by all parties in some way pro-Putinian “. This was stated by Carlo Calenda, leader of Action, at the presentation of the” Republican Pact “, with + Europe, in view of the elections next September . “Berlusconi? He did a crazy thing”, Calenda added.

“The first conversation with the Democratic Party began 24 hours ago that in recent years has preferred other interlocutors, the M5s and the far left, for example “. The senator from + Europe said this Emma Bonino at the presentation of the “Republican Pact”, with Action, in view of the elections next September. “It will also be up to the Democratic Party to open an interview with us, which we hope. It is not that I can present myself in the headquarters of the Democratic Party with a bazooka, it cannot be done”, concluded Bonino.

Luigi Di Maio’s response to Calenda was not long. “The coalitions will present themselves between August 12 and 14, in the coming weeks there will be a debate. Coalitions are fundamental to being united against extremisms. Being united, among those who have tried to save the government of national unity, is a value. We will work on it, then the Italians will decide “. Thus Luigi Di Maio, foreign minister and leader of Ipf, guest of L’aria che tira, on La7, commenting on the statements of the leader of Action Carlo Calenda, who replied to a question from a journalist on Di Maio “I don’t know who she is talking about “. Should Calenda be convinced? “The issue of not convincing a person, we all have to convince ourselves that being united around programs and a vision of the country is a value”, replied Di Maio.

“I have read the manifesto of Action. Europeanism and Atlanticism, infrastructures, Pnrr, industry 4.0, revision of citizenship income. This is the Draghi agenda and it is what Italy needs. Carlo Calenda I am here, let’s meet”. So on twitter Minister Mariastella Gelmini. “With great pleasure” the leader of Action replied on Twitter.

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