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Moratti, I am waiting for clarification from the right, then I will consider myself free

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(ANSA) – MILAN, JUL 26 – “I am focused on my Region”: Letizia Moratti, vice president of Lombardy who has given her willingness to run as governor, explained it to the Aria, which pulls up La7 by answering the question whether her name could be spent as a minister or even as a center-right prime minister.

“I am waiting for a clarification – he added – after which I will feel free and independent to make my choices, as I have always been”.

Letizia Moratti then reiterated that she had given “my availability” for a candidacy for governor for the center-right “and I am reconfirming it”. When asked if, after the fall of the Draghi government to which she was against, she still feels center-right, the former minister and former mayor of Milan clarified: “I have always considered myself at the service of the citizens, I have always done so in a So mine is a civic commitment. I don’t see ideological barriers: I believe in programs, in listening and in comparison, this has always been my compass, the North Star and it will always be like this. give answers “. “I try to evaluate the programs first and, compared to those, I choose and determine my choices and actions. The center-right has always been pro-European and Atlanticist and I find myself in this,” she added. Now, she noted, “the patterns are falling apart and reconstituting, it will be a matter of seeing how. Some political parties are already outlining their own agenda and this seems very serious to me.” (HANDLE).

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