De Magistris a Conte, we work together on the third pole

F1, Vettel announces:

He does not deny that there are ongoing discussions with the 5 Star Movement and is ready to create an alternative pole with Unione Popolare: “Dear Giuseppe, do you want a real change? Well, let’s work on a radical and social program that starts from no to sending of weapons, from the minimum wage, from measures for small and medium-sized enterprises, from citizenship income. We work together with the third pole which can reach 15-20% “. Thus, in the interviews with Qn and Il Fatto Quotidiano, the former mayor of Naples, Luigi de Magistris.

“Conte must know that this would be a radical turning point, that for them it would also be a return to the origins, and that it would represent the only political novelty on the ballot paper. We are ready”, says de Magistris and adds: “certainly we were not ready to vote in September, but we are already collecting the signatures and I will certainly run “.
He confirms that he will run for Naples, but also in Rome and Cosenza. And speaking of the forces to which he would like to appeal, he adds: “It is an open field made up of associations, movements, civic networks, administrators, intellectuals, students, workers – he underlines -. I intend to speak to that world that is not represented by traditional parties. Then with me there are also political movements, which have a fundamental role in this phase of collecting signatures and mobilizing, such as Potere al Popolo and Rifondazione comunista.
The symbol will be the People’s Union which underlies the construction of a construction site “.

Source: Ansa

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