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Elections: symbols, lists, candidates, here are the rules

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Elections, Nardella:

From 8 on 12 August to 16 on 14 August, the identification of the parties or movements that will participate in the political elections on 25 September will be deposited at the Ministry of the Interior. The ‘window’ for the presentation of lists and candidacies will open instead between 8 am on 20 August and 8 pm on 21 August at the chancelleries of the Courts of Appeal. All the “Instructions for the presentation and admission of applications” are illustrated online on the Eligendo portal of the Ministry of the Interior.

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The full-bodied dossier (342 pages) also contains facsimiles of the forms for the deposit of the stamps, for the collection of subscriptions and for the presentation of lists, as well as those relating to the other documents required by law.

In addition to the list mark, the parties – within the same period of time – must also file the statute with the Ministry of the Interior, “if the party or organized political group is registered in the register of political parties”, or, in the absence of the registration in the register, “a declaration indicating the minimum elements of transparency of the same party or political group”.

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They will also have to file any declaration of connection in a coalition of lists and the electoral program with the indication of the head of the political force.

By the fourteenth day from the date of the elections, the parties that present themselves in the elections are obliged to publish, on their website, the curriculum vitae provided by their candidates and the relative certificate issued by the criminal record.

As regards the list markings, it is forbidden to present images “which reproduce images or religious subjects”.

Parties that do not have a traditional symbol and political groups “are strictly prohibited from presenting identifying or confusing markings with those that reproduce symbols traditionally used by other parties”.

It is also forbidden to present badges that refer to fascist or Nazi ideologies. For markings that are regular, the ministry returns to the depositor’s domicile, in the two days following the one in which the deposit deadline has expired, a copy of the mark with the attestation of the deposit and its regularity. For those irregular results, the ministry invites the depositor to replace the cash on delivery within 48 hours of notification of the relevant notice. Against the decisions of the Interior Ministry on badges, it is possible to make an opposition – within 48 hours of the decision – to the National Central Office set up at the Supreme Court of Cassation.

Specific provisions are envisaged to guarantee gender representation in the formulation of the lists of candidates. in the internal succession of lists in plurinominal constituencies.

First of all, candidates must be placed according to an alternating order of gender, under penalty of inadmissibility (for example: woman, man, woman, man). For the Chamber it is established that, in the aggregate of the candidates presented by each list or coalition of lists in single-member constituencies at national level, neither of the two genders can be represented in excess of 60%. In the Senate, the same provisions on gender quotas for single-member candidates and for leaders in multi-member constituencies are established at the regional level.

Source: Ansa

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