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Meloni-Salvini, the competition of program priorities

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Covid, Hope:

“After Mattarella’s election we couldn’t even organize a meeting, the center-right no longer existed: now let’s go ahead quickly on the program. There is some difference between us, maybe we have different priorities, but we are all convinced that we will give a project serious and credible to the country “. Words from a senior Northern League leader, on the day when the sherpas of the center-right coalition gather for the first time to write down the alliance program in view of the September 25 vote.

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“It is the first meeting we have, there is a good atmosphere – says Raffaele Fitto (FdI) entering the meeting – we want to work positively and we will find all the solutions to make the government program credible”. Even the blue coordinator, Antonio Tajani, emphasizes the great symbolic value of this meeting: “While the left argues and divides, we and the center-right are already at work, all together, to give a project to the Italy of the future, offer serious and credible answers to Italians “. Matteo Salvini, from his Venetian tour, acclaimed by many VAT numbers and entrepreneurs, relaunches what are the stakes of the League: work, taxes and security. In particular, flat tax at 15%, VAT cut on basic necessities and fight against illegal immigration.

Some spark with the Brothers of Italy on the theme of reforms, one can read presidentialism and autonomy, and on war and Atlanticism, themes on which Giorgia Meloni’s party is increasingly uncompromising. There was also some disagreement on the hypothesis of presenting a team of ministers before the vote.

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But these are differences that everyone believes can be easily overcome in the coming weeks. An “excellent climate of collaboration” and “great harmony on autonomy, presidentialism, Flat Tax and bills” also transpired from the meeting of the scherpa.

Having said that, obviously the electoral campaign has its own laws: In particular, on the subject of autonomy, the Northern League secretary bites the brake: “In October – he observes – it will be the fifth birthday of the vote of millions of Venetians and Lombards on Autonomy and over time the Pd and 5 Stelle have pulled it off, I will personally take the autonomy proposal into the hands of Berlusconi and Meloni, of which I am sure the signatures will arrive, because autonomy means efficiency, responsibility, modernity, development and territories. it can do flat tax and fiscal peace and the less bureaucracy is guaranteed with autonomy “.

Matteo Salvini is in a hurry, a hurry that makes Brothers of Italy suspicious. The group leader in the Chamber Francesco Lollobrigida recalls that autonomy and presidentialism must have a parallel path. But the tones are conciliatory. “Salvini, like us and after a long journey of the League started from different positions, has long since embraced presidentialism as a guarantee of popular sovereignty and the efficiency of the state.

Identical process that we have done on autonomy, understood as a parallel path with the same purposes. The Constitution – he underlines – must be reformed in an organic sense and not with color patches as the left has done. In the center-right, in these thirty years, the confrontation has brought virtuous syntheses that have not occurred on the left due to ideological anchors which, if you really want to modernize Italy, must be set aside “.

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