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Center-right opens the match of the colleges and the program, in 10 points

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The center-right, also on the strength of increasingly Lunsighieri polls, opens the match of the colleges, moving forward in parallel also on the drafting of the program.
The work of the tables is moving forward rapidly: this afternoon the first meeting on applications. Tomorrow morning a technical meeting to examine the new colleges in the light of the cut in parliamentarians. And another political meeting in the afternoon. In the meantime, the sherpas of the alliance, working on the program, already yesterday established the method on how to draw up the common text in record time.
The shared decision would be to write a short political preamble, a general hat. So put on paper a sort of “Chapter Zero”, dedicated to immediate emergencies with ad hoc measures, from that on expensive bills to that of business support. Finally, the actual program, consisting of ten points. A table also met to establish the candidacies in the colleges abroad, where the center-right will present itself with a unitary symbol, presented via social media by Silvio Berlusconi: logo on which appear the names of the blue leader, Giorgia Meloni and Matteo Salvini, with the respective party symbols underneath.
The climate, beyond the different sensitivities, remains very good. The blue coordinator, Antonio Tajani, pressed on Matteo Salvini’s request to present the list of ministers before the vote, dampens any controversy: “Berlusconi is reflecting on possible names of ministers, politicians and non-politicians, and if all the leaders will be d ‘ in agreement you can also present names. We will see, but for the sake of accuracy it is not right now to name names that then maybe not everyone agrees “. And to those who ask him if he thinks of going to the Farnesina, the former President of the European Parliament is shy: “I am a militant, I work to collect the votes, I will do what it takes but I can also do nothing. I make my experience available. international to help the country, regardless of the position “.
Even the agreement between Letta and Calenda does not seem to worry too much. On the contrary. Silvio Berlusconi, inaugurating a series of “pills”, video messages that will be disseminated on social networks, seems certain of victory. So much so that he already talks about the tasks of the next executive: “These elections are not like the previous ones: the next government will have the opportunity to invest huge resources, the money I got in Europe, to rebuild our economy after the damage caused by the pandemic. Italy – adds the Knight – will no longer be the same if we win on 25 September and the left will not win “.
Then, interviewed by “La Voce di New York”, he announces that he intends to reintroduce the ministry for Italians abroad: “Too often Italy has been a distracted mother towards those distant children of hers, who are proud to be and feel Italian . We have a moral debt towards them that our government will be able to honor. For this reason too we will go back to establishing, as in my governments, the Ministry for Italians in the world “.
Even in the Transatlantic, the faces of the center-right deputies are very relaxed: “If Calenda had gone alone, maybe even with Renzi – argues a Northern League colonel – he could have stolen some of our moderate votes. But now, allied with Fratoianni and Bonelli, even he will end up helping us on that front. Go to his Facebook page: you will read how many of his people were disappointed and irritated, many accuse him of having betrayed Draghi “.

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