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Pd tries Di Maio with the plank, but seats at risk for the Ape

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End of life, Marco Cappato will self-report in Milan for the help provided to Elena (ANSA)

Accept the offer of the “right to stand” and secure at least a seat, or two, in the next Parliament. Or decline the invitation, as Bonelli and Fratoianni have already done, and remain at the head of the bee list. The move by Enrico Letta, which tightens the agreement with Action and Più Europa and offers potential allies space in the “Democrats and Progressives” plank, displaces the newborn Civic Commitment, and takes Luigi Di Maio himself by surprise.
The Foreign Minister calls the Secretary of the Dem at the Farnesina to better understand the contours of a proposal which, at first glance, risks cutting off the legs of the project cultivated after the farewell to the 5 Stars. The “tribune”, at least on paper, is open to the “leaders” of the allied lists, and therefore possibly only to Di Maio and Bruno Tabacci. As an “ex”, according to the clauses of the Letta and Calenda agreement, Di Maio cannot aim for a single-member college – which instead could be reserved for Tabacci.
In Parliament almost nothing else is talked about: his people fear the debacle without the leader to play the game in first person and would also be ready to give up the list, given the scarce possibility of overcoming the barrier. However, the polls that give Civic Commitment below 3% are also those that leave reflection open. Entering the Pd list would allow at least to keep a testimony in the next legislature, otherwise the risk is to remain completely out. But giving in to the dem sirens could not find a home, at least at the moment, not even Di Maio’s loyalists, starting with the Deputy Minister of Economy Laura Castelli, Vincenzo Spadafora or the deputy at the Farnesina, Manlio Di Stefano,. The same goes for another very close to the leader, Sergio Battelli.
Phones off, mouths sewn up, none of the group’s parliamentarians meet in the Transatlantic, waiting to understand the leader’s decisions. A meeting called in the evening was opened and immediately postponed. A demonstration of the uncertainty that reigns in these hours in the foreign minister’s party.
An alternative could be to abandon the idea of ​​the autonomous list and ask the Democratic Party to embark other names in addition to the leaders. Or decline the invitation and continue on the path traced a few hours ago, with the presentation of the symbol. As Verdi and the Italian Left do: “We do not need tribune rights”, explains Bonelli, who in turn will meet Letta together with Fratoianni tomorrow, starting from the assumption, however, of moving forward “with the political project that is taking root in country”.

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Source: Ansa

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