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New aid for 17 billion, strengthened wedge cut

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Dl Aid, Dragons:

The bis aid decree has been approved: the Council of Ministers gave the green light to the provision.

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The bis aid decree approved by the CDM is valid “15 billion, plus about two more of additional measures “for a total of” 17 billion to be added to the approximately 35 billion “ of the rules already approved during the year by the government, Prime Minister Mario Draghi said at a press conference, highlighting that it is “a large percentage of GDP, more than 2 percentage points”. The approved decree “is of extraordinary proportions”, added Draghi, then spending “a word on the method: the measure – he said – was shared with the social partners and the majority and opposition parties. I thank all those who participated in this sharing and in particular I want to thank Minister Franco – he concluded – who produced 3 financial statements this year and last year? Four financial ones? .

The annual growth achieved so far is equal to 3.4%, more than estimated for the whole of 2022. It is a very positive figure even compared to all the other countries, said the premier speaking of a “truly extraordinary” growth, ” we will grow more than France and Germany “, he added, speaking of clouds on the horizon with forecasts” worrying for the future “as we prepare to face the third and fourth quarters.

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Dl Aiuti, Draghi: ‘No budget variance. The economy is better ‘

In the aid dl bis are contained “the extension of bills and fuel measures, revaluation of pensions and a further cut in the tax wedge a little higher than that entered “in the Council of Ministers, but also” measures to support agricultural companies against drought and measures for local authorities “.

“We intervene at unchanged balances and we do not use any deviation because the economic trend is better – added Draghi -. And it is thanks to the ability of Italians, families and businesses and also to the economic policy of the government that has supported the economy without hesitation while maintaining the objective of reducing the deficit and debt / GDP “.

“The decree is very significant” also on the energy emergency front. “The government has responded with support for the economy, families and businesses and if necessary there will still be” a new intervention, said Draghi at a press conference. “The government – he added – has diversified the gas supply as well today our position is much better than other European countries for stability of supplies and the level of storage is over 70%“Exactly 74% added the minister of ecological transition, Roberto Cingolani.

“I would like to be able to give the next government the achievement of all the objectives this year”, said the premier. “Certainly not meeting the Pnrr objectives weakens the credibility of the country and everyone must see how it went as we have been able to meet all the objectives. But I am sure that whichever government is next will respect the objectives”. ‘The importance of the commitment we have made, the bet we have shared with others “will be respected by” any government “, he adds, highlighting how the PNRR is able to” sustain growth “.

Could Mario Draghi remain “a grandfather in the service of the country?”. The premier smiles and replies: “Of course I will stay grandfather”. But then he looks at the difficulties of the autumn and despite the conviction that “the third quarter is better than today is also expected by businesses”, he does not forget that “inflation will continue, the price of gas is not expected to decrease: everything this requires I don’t know what political formula, but certainly social cohesion will be needed. It requires a climate of awareness of the difficulties that all Italians will encounter in the last few months of the year. This should inspire government action “, he concluded.

“The proceeds from advances paid so far” on extra profits “is less than what it should have been. It is my intention that they pay everything: there are measures that greatly increase the penalties for payment obligations. If there is no answer, ready to take other measures”: so the Premier Draghi. “What is not tolerable – he concluded – is that in this situation in which families are in difficulty and businesses too, there is a sector that eludes a government provision”.

For workers, “already in the budget law we have reduced social contributions by 0.8%, this reduction for the second half goes to 2%, we add 1.2%”, said the minister of the economy. Daniele Franco in a press conference after the cdm, about the intervention on the wedge. “With a ministerial decree of 700 million the abatement of 25 cents in excise duties on petrol and diesel is extended to 20 September”. “The cutting of the wedge entails a net burden on the public finances of 1.2 billion. For pensioners 1.4-1.5 billion”. “If we break down the intervention carried out” with the aid decree bis “for families and businesses” on the energy front, the estimate is that the household component is slightly larger, with 5.8 billion, compared to that of businesses, 5, 5 billion “.

“We have worked hard to ensure the realization” of the single check because it is an extremely important intervention – clarified the Minister of Economy, Franco -. The bis aid decree has reduced the allocation for the single check by 630 million. The allocation defined earlier turned out to be a bit redundant and if we had not used them here, the resources would have been lost. For Nadef “we will define the trend framework, we will remember the objectives already set in the Def, I think it would be good to stay on the same objectives, but it will be a decision that will be taken by the new government”.


Cdm approves delegation of criminal reform
The council of ministers, according to when it is learned, has approved the legislative decree implementing the enabling law on the reform of the criminal trial.

Source: Ansa

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