the left lodges appeals with the Constitutional Council

MPs from the left-wing Nupes alliance filed appeals with the Constitutional Council on Friday against the two texts on purchasing power, denouncing measures contrary to “several principles” and “values” constitutional. The first appeal, at the initiative of the Nupes intergroup, concerns the amending finance bill (PLFR), “contrary to several constitutional principles”, according to a press release of which AFP had a copy.

Takeover of RTTs: a “budget rider” for Nupes

Communists, socialists, environmentalists and rebellious people pin the “monetization of days of recovery of working time (RTT)”, believing that the amendment constitutes a “budget rider” which has no place in a finance law and that According to them, it should fall under “the censorship of the Constitutional Council”.

Is also pointed to the “abolition of the audiovisual royalty” since the alternative financing mechanism proposed (allocation of part of the VAT) “does not allow, according to them, to ensure the security of the financing of” audiovisual establishments. The deputies generally denounce a law which “disregards the principle of budgetary sincerity because of the chronic and manifest undervaluation of revenue forecasts”.

A second appeal for LFI and EELV

In the hemicycle, the whole of Nupes voted against this amending finance bill which was definitively adopted Thursday in Parliament. On the other hand, only the LFI and EELV groups filed a second appeal with the Elders on Friday against the bill on emergency measures for the protection of purchasing power.

In a statement sent to AFP, they believe that “several provisions of this bill promoting the development of fossil fuels”, such as the potential to reactivate coal-fired power stations and the commissioning of an LNG terminal, “carry a serious and manifest violation of the constitutional objective of protecting the environment, the common heritage of human beings, arising from the 2004 Environmental Charter”.

This Charter is integrated since 2005 in the preamble of the Constitution. During the examination of the text, the communists, the ecologists and the rebellious had voted against but the socialists had abstained. The Constitutional Council has one month to rule on these appeals.

Source: Europe1

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