Big Brother contestants in Jerusalem in the rocket bunker from Gaza

Lost at sea, young man found alive after nine hours (ANSA)

Rockets launched this morning by Islamic Jihad from Gaza to the Jerusalem metropolitan area also forced local Big Brother competitors to run into the shelter.

Unaware – as the contest rule dictates – of the situation outside the house and the start of the “Breaking dawn” operation by the army, the competitors, the media said, were abruptly brought back to reality by the decision of the program which, when the alarm sirens sounded in the area, sent them in the bunker supplied to the house itself.

The place where the competition takes place is located in Neve Ilan, in the suburbs of Jerusalem, where the warning sirens were triggered for the rockets launched from Gaza and then intercepted by the Iron Dome. The management of the program – broadcast on Reshet 13 – has now decided to inform competitors of the current situation with Gaza.

Source: Ansa

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