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Elections, at least 36 thousand signatures required for the lists. There is time until August 20

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At least 36 thousand signatures. It is the threshold that allows you to submit lists of candidates and participate in political elections; a number that does not apply to everyone, however. This is established by the rules governing electoral procedures and which have been revised in the light of the constitutional amendment which has reduced the number of parliamentarians, bringing it to 600 and forcing a revision of the constituencies.
Before the filing of the lists, however, there will be that of electoral badges, which will take place from 12 to 14 August at the Viminale.

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Elections, the rules for the deposit of symbols at the Interior Ministry

The window for the presentation of the lists with the candidacies will open between 8 am on August 20 and 8 pm on August 21, at the chancelleries of the Courts of Appeal. The law – the Decree of the President of the Republic 361 of March 20, 1957 – establishes, however, that before arriving at the delivery of the list of candidates, the parties must collect the signatures to be presented together with the documents for the lists. A race against time, in light of the fact that everything must be completed in a few days. And the “quantum” of signatures is linked to the number of plurinominal constituencies defined in the electoral law and decreased after the cuts in the number of parliamentarians.
Before 2020 they were needed, both for a party and a coalition, for the 63 multi-member constituencies in the Chamber and for the 33 in the Senate “at least 1,500 and no more than 2,000 “subscriptions by voters registered in the electoral lists of municipalities included in the same plurinominal college or, in the case of plurinominal college included in a single municipality, registered in the electoral sections of that plurinominal college”. After the referendum vote, the plurinominal constituencies for the Chamber fell to 49 and those for the Senate to 26.
In order to be presented throughout the national territory, therefore, approximately 73,500 signatures would be needed. The law says, however, that “in the event of the dissolution of the Chamber of Deputies which brings its deadline forward by more than one hundred and twenty days, the number of subscriptions is reduced by half”, therefore 750 signatures for each plurinominal college. It is therefore necessary to collect a total of 56,250 signatures (36,750 for the Chamber and 19,500 for the Senate); but since those who sign for the Chamber also sign for the Senate, the threshold is 36,750 people who sign the lists.
Subscriptions that must be authenticated by public officials or notaries and lawyers.
In the Elections decree, passed by the Government on 5 May lastthere are exemptions: Article 6 bis of the provision establishes that lists can be presented without collecting signatures “political parties or groups constituted as a parliamentary group in at least one of the two Chambers as of 31 December 2021”, therefore Pd, Lega, Fratelli d’Italia, Forza Italia, M5s, Liberi e Uguali, Italia Viva and Courage Italy.

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An exemption that also applies to those who “presented nominations with their own mark in the last elections of the Chamber of Deputies or in the last elections of the members of the European Parliament due to Italy in at least two thirds of the constituencies and have obtained at least one seat assigned in proportion or have contributed to the determination of the national electoral figure of the coalition having achieved, on the national level, a number of valid votes exceeding 1 per cent of the total “. This is the case, for example, of + Europa.

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