Osvaldo Napoli, stop at campaigning incivility and insults

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“Insults on a personal level, accusations of fascism, insults and quarrels from the balcony: from the right and from the left there emerges foam and rancor against Action and Carlo Calenda, guilty of having made a heretical political choice, of being stolen from us and wanting to steal millions of Italians from that mental cage that is Italian bipolarism understood as an assault on the white weapon, a boarding of pirates. The spectacle offered by characters like Mulè and Bonelli is the photograph of the moral and political poverty of an ugly electoral campaign, which started off on the wrong foot . We all try to stay on the problems of the country, to give answers to the issues most felt by the citizens and to animate a confrontation that is more respectful of the dignity of all. Each party has its own recipes to propose, its own solutions, on this we discuss and if necessary Let’s clash. But let’s leave out certain baseness, because it is these that disgust the Italians and keep the voters away from the polls “. Osvaldo Napoli, Deputy of Action, writes it in a note.

Source: Ansa

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