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    Elections: Ev-Ilaria Cucchi and Aboubakar Soumahoro are candidates

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    Sima launches the 'Adopt a school' campaign against contagion risk (ANSA)

    The trade union activist ‘of the last’ Aboubakar Soumahoro and Ilaria Cucchi, Stefano’s sister who led the battle for the truth about his death, will be candidates with Verdi-SI. This was announced by the secretary of the Italian Left, Nicola Fratoianni and the co-spokesman of Europa Verde Angelo Bonelli.
    “In a crazy politics in which the ego is rampant, we reverse the order of things to put the last in first place,” Bonelli said announcing Soumahoro’s choice to accept the candidacy. “There are stories of this country that have struck everyone – echoed Fratoianni talking about the story of Ilaria Cucchi -. These candidacies want to represent the possibility of building a better country, they are the sign of a proposal that wants to restore hope to this. country, speaking of justice and the struggle for rights “. During the press conference in the Chamber, the federation disclosed the main information on the two candidates. Italian-Ivorian and graduate in sociology Soumahoro is a social and trade union activist who has been defending invisible people for 20 years, such as workers in the agri-food chain and many others of the digital economy era. In addition to his struggles on the ground, Soumahoro is a writer who seeks to combine action and thought in the perspective of social and environmental justice in Italy. Ilaria Cucchi, a human and civil rights activist, led the battle to find out the truth and condemn the perpetrators of the tragic death of her brother Stefano, who died in custody on 22 October 2009 in Rome. In 2012 he founded the association ‘Federico Aldovrandi-Their voices’ together with Patrizia Moretti, Lucia Uva and Domenica Ferrulli. In 2016 he founded the ‘Stefano Cucchi association which is part of the network in support of Amnesty International.

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    “I am enthusiastic and I am ready to give my contribution in the battle for rights that must concern everyone. I thank Nicola Fratoianni and all the people who have walked by my side in these long 13 years, starting with the lawyer Fabio Anselmo. responsibility of those who have believed in me in recent years, I hope not to disappoint them “. Ilaria Cucchi states this, commenting on her candidacy in the next elections in the ranks of Verdi-SI.

    “Mrs Giorgia Meloni, contrary to what you say, there is no ‘migratory emergency’ in Italy. According to the Treccani dictionary the emergency is any ‘unforeseen circumstance, accident, (…) which requires immediate action’. from a sociological point of view, it would be wrong to consider and define migratory processes (which have existed since the dawn of humanity) as an emergency. Furthermore, as you should know considering that she has been a member of parliament for 16 years, migratory processes cannot even be considered an emergency by the legislative point of view since the first law on the subject was passed by the Italian parliament in 1990, or 32 years ago, at the instigation of the then Pentapartite Minister Martelli “. It is the reply of Aboubakar Soumahoro, the trade union activist “ of the last ”, just nominated among the candidates of Verdi-SI, to a post on the social networks of the Fdi leader Giorgia Meloni who returns to talk about the need for a naval blockade . “The complex migratory processes – continues Soumahoro – should be faced with a holistic vision and not with propaganda ideas that are based on the harmful ’emergency and security paradigm’ which also serves to instigate the spirit of fear and hatred towards ungenerously labeled people “different”. A clear vision is needed because without it the goal is lost. Ideas must be the result of a clear vision otherwise they become harmful and risky permeable by the events produced by the randomness of life “.

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    Source: Ansa

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