Elections: so far 74 symbols presented at the Interior Ministry

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Up to now, 74 electoral symbols have been presented at the Interior Ministry for the political elections on 25 September, thus kicking off the third bulletin board. The order on the ballot will be decided by a lottery. There is also the Party of Creative Madness and the Party of Good Manners

Conte: “Red heart symbol, we have courage”. The symbol of the 5 Star Movement has been deposited at the Interior Ministry. The symbol is the well-known one, the word ‘Movimento’ with the five stars drawn. The party leader Giuseppe Conte presented him. “You have seen what a beautiful red heart – said Conte, posting the symbol himself on the bulletin board – Instead, we give it our courage”. When asked where the former prime minister will run, whether in the Chamber or the Senate, Conte replied: “We will let you know shortly”. The symbol covers station 74 on the bulletin board.

Melons: “Proud of our symbol”. “Here it is, our beautiful symbol deposited for the next elections. A symbol of which we are proud. On September 25, choose Brothers of Italy”. So writes the leader of the Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, posting on Facebook the logo of her party which was deposited at the Viminale and which maintains the traditional tricolor flame and, at the top, the name of the president ..

The symbol of the center-right coalition for foreign constituencies has been deposited. The unitary mark, presented today at the Interior Ministry by an FdI executive, in view of the electoral round of 25 September, is the same as in 2018 with the names of the three leaders lined up – Salvini on the green strip, Berlusconi in blue on a white background, Meloni on the red one – and below the party symbols.

The race to deposit the symbols, which will bring Italy to the polls on 25 September, began yesterday. The marks deposited in the first of the three days dedicated to the deposit at the Viminale are over 50: the Italian Liberal Party won the rush, but it will later be discovered that it is not the original because it was a former member who presented it, followed by the Maie (Italian Associative Movement Abroad) and the Holy Roman Catholic Empire. However, after the declaration of eligibility, to decide the place ‘in the front row’ on the ballot paper, a draw.

Deposit of party symbols

Party exponents were also at the Viminale for the opening act of the electoral event.
For the League, Senator Roberto Calderoli that this is hoped to be “the first step to win”. Then Clemente Mastella, with the mark ‘Noi di Centro’, who claims to be DC doc, “the last heir, still present in democratic institutions, of the values ​​of Christian Democracy“not like” Calenda or Renzi, who are even Macronians “. But during the day there are at least two other symbols of the old DC, demonstrating that the center is a field with rising prices. the symbol of the third pole, with Action and Italia Viva, was presented by the deputy secretary of Carlo Calenda’s party. Posted on the first day on the bulletin board the symbol of the Forza Italia list-Berlusconi president, deposited by the commissioner of the FI Chamber, Gregorio Fontana who then confirmed that the center-right coalition will be composed of 4 forces: FI, FdI, Lega and the center line-up then arrived to present the symbol of ‘Noi Moderati’ with the crusader shield of the DC, also here, and the inscription Libertas. The political leader of the team that blends ‘Noi con l’Italia di Maurizio Lupi’, Italy at the center of Toti and Coraggio Italia di Brugnaro, will be Maurizio Lupi.

Elections, Fiore presents the Forza Nuova symbol: ‘Proud to have been in prison’

Also present the former M5s Dino Giarrusso with its symbol ‘South calls north’ similar to that of ‘De Luca mayor of Italy – South calls north’, the formation of the former mayor of Messina Cateno De Luca, candidate for the presidency of the Sicilian Region. Mario Adinolfi and Simone Di Stefano, former leader of CasaPound, arrived in mid-afternoon with The list which will be called ‘Alternative for Italy – No Green Pass’.

A list also for Forza Nuova, with the symbol of Alliance fo peace and Freedom, it was presented by Roberto Fiore. Plowing through the doors of the Viminale, almost at the end of the day, Bruno Tabacci together with Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio with the symbol of Civic Commitment.

As always, there was no shortage of extravagances: from the Party of Madness, new creature of Dr Seduction, already present in some administrative electoral rounds with the Party of Good Manners, to Free, a group of civic committees, which is portrayed by a man who kicks Pinocchio. The program? “Defend the Constitution from lies”. Inevitable general Antonio Pappalardo, leader of the Orange Vests, in a pacifist guise, and the Forconi Movement. There is the ‘guillotine’ of the symbol of Panzironi’s Health Revolution, that of the curative diet, the stylized cat of the ‘Naturalism’ list and the tree-woman in the Life mark of the deputy Sara Cunial, the pasionaria no vax. In the end, there are over 50 symbols. And it’s only the first day.

Source: Ansa

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