Elections: here is the charge of the 101 symbols in the running of the Politics of 25 September

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A total of 101 badges have been deposited at the Interior Ministry to compete in the political elections scheduled for 25 September. The time to present the silboli ended at 4 pm today.

The symbols were presented by 98 political subjects. For the last electoral round of 2018, the Ministry of the Interior examined 103 registered marks and admitted 75.

This morning the first symbol posted on the bulletin board was that of the ‘Peretti-Liberal Catholic Democracy’ list, always with the crusader shield. The second mark deposited today is instead that of the former mayor of Naples Luigi de Magistris‘Popular Union with de Magistris’.

Marco Rizzo, Antonio Ingroia and Emanuele Dessì have deposited the electoral stamp of the list at the Interior Ministry ‘Sovereign and Popular Italy‘. “We want a sovereign and popular Italy, as our symbol says. The political leader is Giovanna Colone, a school worker who was suspended for the vaccine affair. We wanted to personify what we want to represent: one of the people who have suffered, “Rizzo said. Toscano instead assured that they will complete “the collection of signatures shortly. There is an incredible enthusiasm. We can count on the support of many people who have stormed our banquets all over Italy”, announcing that “all four” present at the Interior Ministry “they will be candidates”. Dessì in fact will appear in the Senate, while Rizzo, Ingroia and Toscano in the Chamber. Why vote for Italy Sovereign and Popular and not Italexit? “Comparison – says Toscano – has always expressed an Atlanticist position, I have never heard from him express the need to open a multipolar season. Our enemy however it is Draghi – reiterated the president of sovereign Italy – and the system that has closed Italians at home “.

The symbol of + Europe was also deposited today, which in the next elections will be seen in coalition with the Democratic Party, the Green Left Alliance and Civic Commitment. In the mark, as in 2018, deposited by the treasurer Maria Saeli, we read ‘+ Europe with Emma Bonino‘, referred to as the political leader of the party. If they had stayed with Calenda “it would have been similar”, with the names of the leaders of the two parties. From what has been learned, the agreement signed when there was still a coalition with Carlo Calenda remained valid between + Europe and the Democratic Party. “As for the high-end single-member constituencies, those where the election is more likely with the Democratic Party remains the agreement” already signed, “that is, Bonino’s party will express 30% of the candidates”, recalled the party treasurer. . Saeli also reiterated that Bonino, Benedetto Della Vedova and Riccardo Magi will certainly be candidates. “We also presented our program – Saeli said – the result of both our thematic tables and the work on the territory, and of the ‘program with Italy’ made by Carlo Cottarelli”, said the treasurer, adding: “Cottarelli wrote a great deal part of our program will certainly run in the uninominal and perhaps also in the proportional “, said Saeli, who, when asked if she will also be a candidate in the list, replied:” Let’s see “

Marco Cappato deposited and affixed to the Interior Ministry the symbol for the political elections: Democracy referendum with Cappato. The treasurer of the association Luca Coscioni, leader of the list, reiterated that he intends collect signatures digitally only. “We started with a march from the Quirinale and we appeal to Prime Minister Mario Draghi so that the elections are not undemocratic. 60 thousand signatures are needed to be able to participate in the elections and we ask to be able to use digital ones to revitalize democracy. As is already the case with the elections. referendum, digital signatures must be valid to participate in political elections “, Cappato said after the filing, underlining that he will collect signatures” only in digital mode “, asking Draghi to” equate referendum and political elections “. The collection of digital or spid signatures can be done on the site listareferendumedemocrazia.it. “To remove all doubts” and to allow the signatures collected to be admitted, Cappato then added: “We ask President Draghi for an interpretation of the law. If it happens that the signatures are not recognized, we have already prepared the appeals that we will present in all national and international offices. “announced Cappato. “Obviously the problem is not collecting the signatures but the conditions and obstacles that must be removed to the exercise of democracy in our country”, he concluded.

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