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Elections: the leadership of the Democratic Party postpones to 20, “no tension”

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Taiwan, USA:

The leadership of the Democratic Party, initially convened this morning and then updated in the afternoon, is postponed to 8 pm, to discuss the lists of candidates for the elections on 25 September.

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On the reasons for the postponement, party sources assure: “There is no tension, only physiological discussions. We are a party”.

Meanwhile, the secretary of Enrico Lettain a letter to the Corriere di Bologna, explained that the possible candidacy of Pier Ferdinando Casini in the single-member constituency of Bologna for the center-left coalition he represents a “voice” in defense of the Constitutional Charter that the center-right might want to change.

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“The current electoral law – he writes in a passage of the letter – is very bad: I did not vote for it and I consider it a very serious error. But it is in force and must therefore be used, for better or for worse. In the proportional constituencies each list presents its candidates. And in Bologna and Emilia-Romagna – continues Letta – the local Democratic Party will obviously express its own, emanating from the various territorial federations. Then there are the single-member constituencies, in common with the various coalition lists. these colleges that, as a coalition, we will present candidates not strictly attributable to the various parties “. Including, presumably, Casini. And this, observes the Secretary Dem in another passage of the letter “for a main reason. It is possible, not probable but possible, that in the next legislature an assault on the Constitution by the right will be attempted”. It is he, he argues, of “a nefarious design. To be foiled”.

Therefore, he continues, “I believe, in this sense, that Casini’s voice could make an important and useful contribution to broaden the support around us and to make our task of protecting the Constitution more effective”. And it is “from this concern”, that of a change in the Constitutional Charter, concludes Letta, “that originates the idea of ​​asking Casini to be in Parliament to defend the Constitution against any presidential twist”.

Source: Ansa

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