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Elections: the leadership of the Democratic Party postponed several times, there is discussion on the candidacies

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Mid-August at the sea on the Lazio coast (ANSA)

Another delay for the National Direction of the Democratic Party, convened at 21.30 at the party headquarters, al Nazareno, but not yet started. On the table the puzzle of the candidacies in the constituencies that required more time (the meeting was scheduled for 11, then it was postponed to 15 and again at 20) also because, for the first time, the places available to candidates on the lists are reduced by one third due to the cut in parliamentarians in effect from the next legislature.

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They are not seen, except in photos. Some tweet. Others are also hiding from social networks, but it is the puzzle of candidacies in the colleges to stir the waters, especially in the Pd struggling with the new entries dictated by recent alliances and the excluded, inevitably more numerous due to the looming cut of parliamentarians. It is the strange Mid-August of Italian political leaders, conditioned for the first time by the countdown to the vote on 25 September.

To keep track of the missing days is Matteo Salvini with a terse “-41” and his campaign slogan, “Credo,” added to each tweet. For the leader of the League, the hype continues on social media and on the most felt themes. From the flat tax – also promised to employees and retirees – to the landing of migrants. August 15th greetings with a photo of a hug to her daughter, on the sofa, for Giorgia Meloni, while Silvio Berlusconi chooses a shot at the table with his partner Marta Fascina.

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Enrico Letta is engaged in a night direction after three postponements during the day: initially scheduled at 11, postponed at 15 and finally at 20 and subsequently at 21.30. The meeting suffers from the competition on the places to be divided. The Nazarene reassures: “No tension, only physiological discussions. We are a party”.

After all, there is still a little bit left for the deadline of 22 August. But not everyone likes the first rumors that circulate. Among the plausible options, Letta’s rush to Vicenza to undermine the League in its historic fiefdom, and those of Roberto Speranza di Leu and Nicola Fratoianni of the Italian Left in Tuscany.

But it is on the possible excluded that the climate overheats. Democratic Catholics do not hide this in the face of the probable absence of the constitutionalist Stefano Ceccanti. “It is surprising that Ceccanti’s skills are not recognized and valued by the Democratic Party – confesses the Jesuit and political scientist Francesco Occhetta -, thus also putting the vote of democratic and reformist Catholicism at risk”.

Discomfort over the name of Pier Ferdinando Casini, which could be deployed by the Democratic Party in Bologna. The LGBT community is more aggressive on Monica’s case Cirinnà, senator champion of rights, an issue on which the party has bet. “A single-member loser has been proposed to you in Rome”, reveals Franco Grillini who denounces: “Not having it in the next Parliament would be a very serious damage to everyone’s rights and freedoms. The right will be happy”. Tomorrow the challenge also shifts to the 5 Stars with the launch of the ‘parliamentary’: in the list of 2000 candidates already online, there is also Giuseppe Conte who is aiming for the Lazio 1 Chamber.

The secretary of the Enrico Lettain a letter to the Corriere di Bologna, explained that the possible candidacy of Casini in the single-member constituency of Bologna for the center-left coalition he represents a “voice” in defense of the Constitutional Charter that the center-right might want to change.

“The current electoral law – he writes in a passage of the letter – is very bad: I did not vote for it and I consider it a very serious error. But it is in force and must therefore be used, for better or for worse. In the proportional constituencies each list presents its candidates. And in Bologna and Emilia-Romagna – continues Letta – the local Democratic Party will obviously express its own, emanating from the various territorial federations. Then there are the single-member constituencies, in common with the various coalition lists. these colleges that, as a coalition, we will present candidates not strictly attributable to the various parties “. Including, presumably, Casini. And this, observes the Secretary Dem in another passage of the letter “for a main reason. It is possible, not probable but possible, that in the next legislature an assault on the Constitution by the right will be attempted”. It is he, he argues, of “a nefarious design. To be foiled”.

Therefore, he continues, “I believe, in this sense, that Casini’s voice could make an important and useful contribution to broaden the support around us and to make our task of protecting the Constitution more effective”. And it is “from this concern”, that of a change in the Constitutional Charter, concludes Letta, “that originates the idea of ​​asking Casini to be in Parliament to defend the Constitution against any presidential twist”.

Source: Ansa

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