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    Elections, tension on the lists of the Democratic Party. Cirinnà thinks about it: ‘I accept difficult boarding school’. The wrath of the excluded. Renzi: ‘Only grudge’

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    Piero Angela, in his native Turin, flags at half mast for city mourning (ANSA)

    High tension in the Democratic Party after the go-ahead from the Management to the lists of candidates. Letta will be leaders in the Chamber in Veneto and Lombardy, Franceschini in the Senate in Naples, Casini and the former mayor Merola in Bologna, the former secretary of CISL Furlan in Sicily, Zingaretti in Lazio. Candidates the economist Cottarelli (leaders in the Senate in Milan) e the epidemiologist Crisanti (leaders in Europe). Outside, among others, Lotti, Ceccanti and Gasbarra. Cirinnà thinks about it: ‘I accept a difficult boarding school’. The cut in parliamentarians reduces the available seats and increases the discontent of the excluded. ‘These are political choices, no cowardly excuses’, the thrust of the former Undersecretary to the Prime Minister. And Renzi attacks: ‘Letta’s choices dictated by rancor’.

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    Among the candidates in contention there will also be 4 young people under 35 indicated as leaders. I’m: Rachele Scarpa, Cristina Cerroni, Raffaele La Regina, Marco Sarracino. Sources of the Democratic Party assure that gender equality has been respected in the composition of the candidates on the lists.

    Cirinnà goes to a boarding school that is a loser, without a parachute and without us telling her … “. This is how the outgoing senator Monica Cirinnà, champion of LGBT rights, summarizes the choice of the Democratic Party on her candidacy. “The uninominal Rome 4 contains territories for which I am not suitable”, explains Cirinnà, referring to the many messages of support received. “I read tiger eyes chat, I take them out, but I do it only for them, for a community. Fighting as the last of the gladiators is the only way to not escape the battle. love and respect “.

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    Out of the Dem Luca Lotti lists: “The secretary of my party has decided to exclude me from the lists for the next political elections – he wrote on Fb former minister Luca Lotti –. She informed me of her choice by explaining that there are names of a higher caliber than mine. I confess that I did not quite understand if he was referring to those who until a few months ago were spitting poison against the Democratic Party and who today find themselves almost by magic a safe place on our lists. I do not know. But that’s the way it is. “” The choice is political, no one is hiding behind cowardly excuses, “she adds.

    The Minister of Culture, Dario Franceschini, writes on twitter: A pride to be the leader of the Democratic Party in #Napoli. I will try to be the voice in the Senate of this extraordinary land, of this unique city in the world, always and forever Capital of Culture. #dallapartedinapoli “.

    “Today the world of politics comments on the choices on the candidates of the Democratic Party – he says in his E-news, Matteo Renzi, leader of Italia Viva -. It seems to me that – from the choice of how to build the coalition to the names of the lists – Enrico Letta’s leadership was characterized more by personal rancor than by the will to win. We will see the fruits on September 26 “.” I wish everyone all the best – adds Renzi -, candidates and excluded people, and I carefully avoid any debate on the subject: they taught me that politics is done with feelings, not resentments. We will stay on the contents. We have no candidates who voted against the trust in Draghi. We have a clear idea of ​​innovation in the country that goes from saying YES to the necessary infrastructures, not NO to everything. And we don’t want to raise taxes. On these issues we are unfortunately very distant from the new Democratic Party “, he concludes. Renzi then defines Carlo Calenda’s request for a four-party debate on TV with Letta, Meloni and Conte as’ sacrosanct and just ‘:’ This is how it works in democratic countries. Let’s see who flees from this confrontation, ‘says Renzi.

    Source: Ansa

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