Elections, Berlusconi: ‘The sentences of acquittal will not be appealable’. Meloni: ‘Citizenship income is a total failure’

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“Today we begin to talk about justice. In Italy thousands of people are arrested and tried every year despite being innocent. The trial is already a penalty, which affects the accused, but also his family, his friends, his work. For this he must not drag himself on forever, in appeals and counter-appeals. When we govern, the sentences of acquittal, of first or second degree, will not be appealable. A citizen – once recognized innocent – has the right not to be persecuted forever. “Silvio Berlusconi writes this in his daily pill on Fb.

The basic income was a total failure, despite having had an exorbitant cost for the state of about 9 billion euros a year. By spreading a merciful veil on the thousands and thousands of scams it has generated – also favoring criminals, mafia and drug dealers – it has failed as an instrument to fight poverty that had to be abolished and instead reached historic highs and failed as an active political measure of the work, given that very few of the citizens’ income earners were eventually hired and found a decent job “. Thus the president of Fratelli d’Italia, Giorgia Meloni in a video on Facebook. And adds:” It is yet another proof that we were right when we said that active policy resources were to be used to help businesses hire. Today everyone says it a bit, but it remains that the Brothers of Italy was the only political force in the whole Parliament, in the legislature that has just ended, which never voted in favor of citizenship income. This is why we believe that a just state should not equate those who can work and those who cannot. A protection tool is needed for those who are not in a position to work: over 60, disabled, families with no income who have dependent minors. But for others what is needed is training and the tools necessary to encourage recruitment “. Then he concludes:” The truth is that the only way to fight and abolish poverty is to allow those in a difficult condition to improve that condition. This is not done by keeping people in the same reality in which they find themselves but by allowing them to have a job, a decent and well-paid job, which can help them grow regardless of the condition from which they come. This makes a just state “.

“I will run for the Senate in Tuscany but also in Lombardy and in the same college as Berlusconi. By the way, I would love to make a nice comparison with President Berlusconi … “Matteo Renzi told Rainews24.
“I left the Democratic Party but I find the strategy of those who would like to fight Salvini and Meloni and then only attack the Renzians or former Renzians … it seems they have a problem with us”. Matteo Renzi said this to Rainews24 commenting on the lists launched yesterday by the Democratic Party.

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