Medvedev enters the electoral campaign, the case breaks out

Finland: video of Sanna Marin unleashed, controversy (ANSA)

The Deputy Chairman of the Russian National Security Council Medvedev enters the Italian electoral campaign on foot together.

‘At the polls we would like to see European citizens not only express discontent with the actions of their governments, but also call them to account, punishing them for their obvious stupidity’, he writes on Telegram, underlining that ‘voter votes are a powerful lever of influence ‘.

The Foreign Minister’s reaction was immediate Luigi Di Maio: “The interference of the Russian government in the Italian elections is really worrying. A Russian exponent, Medvedev, intervenes again with a straight leg on domestic political issues, this time also giving an indication to vote. The Italian political forces should distance themselves in a clear manner, without any shyness, from Russian propaganda. We are working to diversify the sources of gas supply, because we cannot depend on who, with Italian money, finances the bloody war in Ukraine “. “For this we also need a maximum ceiling in the EU on the price of gas”.

The Democratic Party with Enrico Borghi attacks: “Medvedev, the hawk of the Russian regime who is a fan of the massacres in Ukraine, enters the Italian electoral campaign, inviting voters to punish the government in the polls. Serious fact of interference, everyone should distance themselves, starting with an increasingly ambiguous right on the topic”.

Source: Ansa

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