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M5s calls the candidates but it is dark on the lists

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The MPs of the M5s, voted by the members on August 16, are still top secret. The M5s has not yet made known the preferences, indicated by the Movement’s base on the candidates that it would like to see at the top of the lists, but it has nevertheless started the electoral machine. In the afternoon, in fact, he summoned the aspiring parliamentarians to sign their availability for the electoral race.
The candidates, permanent or alternate of the Chamber and Senate, therefore had to accept the registration and sign the necessary documentation even before knowing the results of the Parliamentarians and therefore their position on the list. “They make us sign blank: they have the results and they don’t communicate them to us” complains one of them.
Giuseppe Conte must in fact unravel a dangerous tangle and decide, also based on the preferences of the members, where to place the 15 candidates of his “priority” list. Candidates who will outclass how many would be, based on the votes of the members, the leaders. A mechanism also complicated by the absence of a real territorial constraint and by the option of multiple candidacies. The same Count, in fact, should present himself as leaders in more circumscriptions of the proportional. It is therefore plausible, at this point, that the publication of the lists may precede that of the results of the parliamentarians. “Today the 5-star movement no longer exists, but the party of Conte and the loyalists.
It is a small party at 8/10 percent “attacks Luigi Di Maio, who is also forced to deal with the numbers.” Conte moved on his own also for the exclusions without explanation, such as that of Francesco Capasso, former councilor di Marigliano, Alessandro Cannavacciuolo di Acerra “protests the regional councilor of Campania, Maria Muscarà, a former five-star, now convinced that” between Conte and Di Maio there is no difference, they will join together with the PD that will take everything “.
The relationship with the Democratic Party and with the allies of the center-left is in fact the other sore point for Giuseppe Conte who must conduct the electoral campaign isolated while everyone is expecting a post-vote rapprochement. “The Democratic Party will return, 5 minutes after the elections, from 5 stars. Just read the declarations of Orlando, Bonini, Boccia” prefigures Carlo Calenda. And who supports a reconciliation that strengthens the left wing of the coalition is the secretary of the Italian Left, Nicola Fratoianni. “I think that after the vote we can ally on the issues with anyone who builds a convergence on the issues. We will all have to discuss this again”. But the foundations have been laid: the proposal on the reduction of working hours to unchanged salary launched by Conte and the workhorse of the Italian Left is an example of this. Meanwhile Massimo Bugani, former column of the M5s in Bologna, now at Articolo derides the enthusiasm for the boom in parliamentary votes: “The record of voters in a single day belongs to the Rousseau Association with 79,634 voting members in 8 hours of voting. Total respect for 50,000 voters in 12 hours, but please avoid talking nonsense “he writes in a post. It should be noted that the vote in question was in 2019 and concerned the alliance between the M5s and the Pd to give life to the second Conte government.

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