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Storm on Pd candidate Raffaele La Regina: “Israel never doubted”

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Turin, swastika on the plate of Tina Anselmi (ANSA)

It’s storm on Raffaele The Queen, the 29-year-old candidate for the Democratic Party in the next elections, after Il Giornale published an article citing some posts on Facebook in which The Queen jokes about the State of Israel, questioning its existence as in the case of aliens. Other anti-Israel comments were also unearthed on the young candidate’s Twitter profile. He replies: “Israel never questioned”. Read: “His words close the controversy.” But the center-right goes on the attack.

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“Today’s newspaper accuses me of denying the existence of the State of Israel, recalling a meme that I casually and superficially re-launched in a private group. In short, it was a matter of satire, not a political position. In any case, a wrong gesture, so I’m sorry. But I want to be clear, I have never questioned the legitimacy of the State of Israelneither in the past nor ever, nor his right to exist “, writes on Facebook La Regina, leader of the Democratic Party in the plurinominal college of Basilicata in the Chamber.

During the press conference in the Nazarene in the morning, The Queen reiterated her “apologies”, saying that she had used “the wrong words” but had “never questioned the legitimacy of the state of Israel and its right to exist. “. The Secretary Enrico Letta thanked him for some “words that close a controversy that Il Giornale wanted to raise. We are always very transparent and it seems to me that your words and the previous press release have clarified words from the past that have nothing to do with the choices of today”.

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The Queen: ‘I never questioned the existence of sraele’

The newspaper article this morning had sparked the reaction of the Jewish community. “Candidating young people to Parliament is a valuable choice, especially if the candidates bring value and innovative ideas. If you have to read hate theses that deny Israel’s right to exist then we have a big problem”, wrote the president of the community. Jewish of Rome, Ruth Dureghelloon Twitter.

The center-right also went on the attack. “” Israel as a model of democracy, innovation, integration and freedom, I am horrified that there are candidates on the left who would like it to be erased from the maps “, he wrote on social media Matteo Salvini.

“Armored leader of the Democratic Party for the Chamber in Basilicata the classic young leftist who denies the right to exist of the State of Israel. Letta evidently needs to satisfy the vast area of ​​anti-Israeli anti-Semitism present in the Democratic Party. Unacceptable unscrupulousness by Enrico Read that marginalizes Italy in the Western context “, declares the senator of the Brothers of Italy, Giovanbattista Fazzolari.

Source: Ansa

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