Mysterious billionaire saves Central Park restaurant from closing

Bad weather in Corsica, securing a campsite in Calvi (ANSA)

A billionaire mysterious took to the field to save the historic restaurant of Central Park since closing. There Loeb Boathousethe restaurant overlooking the lake of the green lung of New York theater of many films and TV series, from Harry, this is Sally to Sex and the City, was due to close on October 17 due to unsustainable costs, leaving all 163 employees out of work. But a secret donor – it seems after reading an article about the impending closure – has put on the table a six million dollar offer to save the restaurant, which is now expected to remain open.

The manager Dean Poll had decided to throw in the towel for the skyrocketing costs: “It is a difficult place to manage due to its location, seasonality, access and expenses”, he explained referring to the fact that the place is not even accessible by car. The Long Island-born restaurateur, known for saving Gallagher’s steakhouse from closing in 2013, took over the Boathouse in 2000, but recently explained that he has no choice but to close, blaming the skyrocketing food prices and labor costs. Now, however, the anonymous billionaire has turned to Poll with an agreement to finance the renovation of the iconic property and keep it open under his current contract with the city.

Source: Ansa

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